The Sun Must Shine (Episode 1)


— Unique love stories —

She saw him first  at the end of the spiral staircase on the first day he came to work. She always had old men as her driver. They were few drivers at different times in her life, who were young, but none of them caught her attention like he did. She didn’t know why he caught her attention, but it had to do with his behavior certainly, or maybe it had to do with his physique. She wasn’t sure of the cause of it anyway.

That morning, she had a lecture at nine. She had prepared earlier than usual, because the lecturer, who taught the course, was mean with late students: the lecturer often walked late students out of his class. She was done with her make up, and was descending the stairs. She froze when she saw the young man in tight washed out jeans trousers and a tight gray t-shirt.  The man stood at attention. He fixed his eyes on the picture of the family hung on the cream wall of the large sitting room. She was confused of what to make of him. Her father had informed her the previous day that she would have a new driver, but she wasn’t  certain if the young man that looked like an athlete was her new driver.

She touched her hairdo. She smoothed her face. She smacked her lips, and she thought of going back to her room to look at the mirror. She wanted to be sure all was in place. That was the first time since she left high school that she felt self-conscious. As she walked down the remaining stairs, she made sure her heels hit the tiles hard. Her loud footsteps on the tiles made the young man turn to her. When she saw his face, she almost collapsed. However, she didn’t collapse, because she braced herself, and muttered, “He’s just a fucking man like the others.” She hissed.

— Unique love stories —

She got to the last stair. She looked at him and said, “Good morning.” The man looked at her. He didn’t reply, he didn’t nod, and it made her wonder if he even heard her. She walked towards him. He was handsome in a way. He had a wide face. In this face was a beard that covered part of his face, from his ears to his chin and over his mouth. He had a small nose, small lips, small brown eyes, small ears and a very bushy eyebrows. The small parts of his face seemed to juxtapose his wide face. He had a dangerous frown, and the scar that cut across his left eye made his face look more dangerous. His body was well-built. He was near to six feet. He had a nearly fair complexion. He wasn’t dark, and not fair either; his color was like that of mixed tea and milk. He was rugged. Getting closer to him, she said, loudly, “Brother, good morning, I haven’t seen you here before.”

He bowed slightly. “My name is George. I’m your new driver,” he said. He had bass voice that seemed to weaken her. She wanted to hold his hand and tell him her name, but she thought otherwise. She kept her face upright, and she fixed her eyes above her, in the boss-method-manner. “Your father said you’re late already for the mad lecturer’s class.”

His calm manner, his bass voice and his physique irritated her. She didn’t know why it did, but it indeed irritated her then. “I must have my breakfast!” she snapped. She was surprised that she didn’t find the open adoration she usually found on the faces of young men when they saw her. George looked at her as if she was plain. It insulted her. She hissed. She muttered, “An ordinary  driver!”

— Unique love stories —

When she sat down to eat fried eggs and sliced bread from a round ceramic plate, she felt uncomfortable. She hit her fork repeatedly on the plate, and she pushed the eggs around on the plate. She didn’t eat much. She got up from the dining table and pressed the call button that dangled over the long and large dining table. The steward in checked red shirt and black trousers took some minutes before he came to clear the table. She wanted to slap him. She wanted to make him suffer for the crimes of George.

George walked towards her as if he sensed the anger in her. He stood beside her and looked at the black leather wrist watch he wore. “It is ten minutes to eight. Your father told me your lecture is at nine, and he doesn’t want you to get there late,” he said.

— Unique love stories —

“Mr, I’m an adult, I don’t need either you or my father to control me around! Understand?” Her hands were raised.

“Sorry,” he said. “I just wanted to remind you of the time. I’m very sorry. We can leave when you want.”

“Better,” she said. She walked briskly out of the dining room to the sitting room. In the sitting room, she picked up her bag from one of the cream sofas.

She walked out of the sitting room faster than she had left the dining room.  She didn’t notice that George followed her until he walked past her to the BMW parked close to a flame-of-the-forest tree. George stopped beside the driver’s door and said, “You’ve to wait let me reverse the car.”

— Unique love stories —

She waited impatiently, standing mainly on the right foot and switching to the left and then to the right again, as George got into the car and reversed the BMW. When he was done reversing the car, he got out of the car and opened the left back door for her. She got into the car and remained silent as the BMW drove out of the wide compound. She remained silent as the car sped past the silent and dusty streets of Nuka. Her eyes occasionally looked at the motorcycles that moved on the roads and at the closed shops beside the roads. The dirty and old buildings of Nuka didn’t intrigue her that day like it used to do. When she turned to look at the wide neck of George, she gasped, she gasped at the several scars on his neck. George had probably lived a rough street life.

The BMW swerved to another road. The car had just moved a little on the road when it got to the main gate of the college. There were many vehicles that were lined on the college’s tarred double lane road; they waited for their turn as the college’s security men in tight-fitting blue khaki checked every vehicle cautiously. There was a wide well trimmed lawn that separated the two tarred roads that led to the college’s big gates. On the lawn stood three molded horses that stood on their hind legs with their other legs pushed out. The molded horses’ mouths were opened. George read the writing on the plaque placed below the molded horses. “For true knowledge that leads to true power,” he said in low tones. Since the car wasn’t moving, he turned back to look at the young woman behind . “Please, what is your name?”

— Unique love stories —

She stared at him. Her eyes, in disbelief, boring into him. “You’re a driver, you should do your duties, you don’t need my name.”

He turned to the car in front of him. He stared at the black Mercedes for some seconds before he moved his eyes to the large cone shaped arch that stood over the school gates. He read the inscription on the arch. “University of Biberia, Nuka,” he said in low tones. He heard the car behind him horn. He sighed, moved the gear and pressed the accelerator with his foot. “This work will be difficult for me,” he said.

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