The Sun Must Shine (Episode 2)

— Unique love stories —

After the first day at the college, George prayed that no other day would be like it. Although he had never been to any college before, he didn’t like the University of Biberia, and he vowed that if all colleges were like that, then he hated all the colleges already. While he waited under the umbrella tree beside the large building that his employer’s daughter had gone into, he wondered if that was what he would be doing all the time: driving her to school, waiting for her to be finished with her classes, and driving her home. He wondered if that was a work at all, and if his employer would agree to pay him at the month’s end.

He sat on a concrete seat until she was done with her classes. The young women in tight trousers, tight colorful blouses and on heavy make up ignored him. He didn’t mind, though. The young men in well ironed shirt and trousers nodded at him as they passed where he sat, most of them were younger than him, a few years younger than him. He looked at them and admired them a little. He should have been there with them, but he couldn’t make it, because he was poor.

It was when the sun was so hot and George swore its intensity could burn a man to ashes that his employer’s daughter walked up to him with two other young women. They were fair like her, but none of them was beautiful as she was. Her beauty announced itself. Everything in her was perfect: her straight nose, her small lips, her hazel eyes, her height and her dimples, they were all perfect. She smiled as she conversed with her two friends. Her friends talked faster than her, and they often demonstrated with their arms. It was from the shortest of the young women that he heard his employer’s daughter’s name. Ruth.

“Benita and Favor, meet my new driver, George,” Ruth said when they got close to George. She pointed to him. Then, turning to her friends, she said, “George, meet my friends, Benita and Favor.”

— Unique love stories —

“Hello,” the young women said. They had the look of unconcerned people, as if they didn’t care if he was there.

“That man’s lecture today was interesting. I was surprised that I found his class interesting. His class has always been boring.” George looked at the speaker, the tallest of the young women said that, the one whose name was Benita, the shortest one was Favor.

“Why wouldn’t the class be interesting? The man is a philanderer. Since it’s about feminism, he’d handle it well,” Favor said. The young women laughed.

“I like it that he was sincere with history. Most men would have covered the true facts with lies, or he’d have not talked of it even,” Benita said. “I guess that even though he’s a philanderer as you said, he still a good lecturer. Fact is fact for him.”

“For me, I still believe the human world is beneath good civilization …” Favor said.

— Unique love stories —

“I concur!” Benita nodded. “The world will still remain uncivilized, brutal and underdeveloped until the right things are done. Women need to be respected, women need to be equal to men, and women need to rule. I’m sick of the men ruling!” Favor swallowed.

“Girls,” Ruth said calmly. George looked at her, she was a little uninterested in the discussion. “We’re out of the class. We will talk about this in our normal rendezvous, not here.”

“Why shouldn’t we talk about it here?” Benita said, loudly. “You’re always too calm about it. It hurts me, Ruth, it hurts me!”

“Look, Benita, all men aren’t as mean as your father,” Ruth said.

“What?” Benita stared at Ruth, amazed.

“I’m sorry to say this, Benita,” Ruth said. George loved her calm nature; the way she lowered her voice amid the shouting of her tall friend that seemed ready to pounce on someone. Benita was tall and huge for a woman. “The kind of feminism I’m for isn’t as combative as yours. You’re influenced by your father’s harsh nature towards the rest of your family.” George watched Favor nod to Ruth’s calm words. “If you don’t take care, what you fear will consume you.”

— Unique love stories —

“I can see that you aren’t bold to take a strong step,” Benita said. She turned and began to walk away. George watched her walk as if hot objects were placed beneath her feet. She would pounce on anyone else who annoyed her. Favor made to run to her, but Ruth held her back.

“Leave her alone, Favor,” Ruth said. “She will come off it. It’s her way. Do you need a ride since you didn’t come with your car?”

Favor turned to look at Ruth, and then at the back of their departing friend. She was uncertain. She shrugged and looked at the flowers strewn on the ground. “I’ll follow you, but I think you should apologize to her,” Favor said.

— Unique love stories —

Ruth laughed and said, “That’s not a problem.” George watched her for some seconds before he walked to the driver’s door and opened it. He had just remembered that he was supposed to open the back doors for the young women before he opened his, and he made to go and open it for them. They had already opened it and gotten into the car. He smiled.


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