The Kissing that Lingers (Episode 2)

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The next day that they were supposed to meet, Joshua arrived at the meeting point twenty minutes before the time. His heart beat very fast and a lot of adrenaline pumped; he wasn’t quite certain that Ruth would make it. Her kissing his mouth had lingered in his memory and stuck there. Now, he dreamed of every bit of her–her legs, her thighs, her soft small ass, her pointy breasts. He shivered.

If he had not gone out on a stroll and to enjoy the outdoor breeze, then he wouldn’t have realized that Ruth got fascinated by him. He wasn’t even thinking in that direction at all. He had always seen Ruth as an innocent young lady as she was always beside her father trudging to farm. It didn’t come to his mind that she would have these types of thoughts in her mind, especially about him. Joshua was good-looking and hot, and he knew that, but he wasn’t certain he could attract her even as wealthy and well-known as her father was.

He sighed. Would she make it? He was clear to have checked the time before leaving to be sure he would not miss the sweet and glorious appointment. Now, he was sure he wasn’t the one making the meeting hang at the precipice; where was she? Would she make it? He took in a deep deep deep breath.

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He enjoyed the breeze of the woods and relished the freshness which it brought to him, the coldness on his skin, the good movement inside his body. He half-expected that Ruth would make it to the appointment she fixed herself. She should indeed make it. However, her father may have kept her in and she may not have the time to come out as they had planned. Who knows? Joshua sighed.

“Joshua!” a female voice called behind him. Joshua knew that voice seemed familiar. He turned to look and saw Ruth running through the path in the woods to him.

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“Ruth! You made it!” Joshua raised his voice while replying. He stood firmly as Ruth ran towards him and jumped on him. They hugged in a close way. The hug was so tight and close, especially from Ruth as she wrapped her hands around him totally. Joshua was smiling and felt all the loving until he began to feel uncomfortable that his d*ck was hardening.

It seemed as if Ruth could sense how he wasn’t at ease, so she released her embrace and smiled, looking at his face. Joshua looked more handsome today than the other day they had met. Joshua used to have a clean shave but today he was possibly too occupied to have had a shave and on his chin was a rough stubble.

Joshua looked thoroughly cleaned and washed up though. Ruth removed her eyes from his face and settled on the bulge he had made. She smiled. “Wow, you have it amazing,” she said slowly, giggling.

“You must be crazy,” Joshua said and drew her close to himself. With the slight force he pulled her, she crashed against him and had the elbow side to the full arm side of her body pressed against his chest and abs. Joshua wished he had no shirt on him and he could have done more, possibly he would have expected more. Ruth so close to him and the scent of the cream she used on her hair teased and aroused him further. The bulge in his trousers increased. He smiled gently.

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“I love you, Joshua,” Ruth said. Joshua didn’t reply her, he was busy caressing her back and her hair. The waft of her scent entered his nose. He didn’t know which attracted him more, her scent or her body pressed close to him. He was aroused beyond measure. Ruth looked up at him with a slightly grim face. “Joshua, I told you I loved you but you didn’t give back any reply? Is it that you don ‘t love me at all or you feel shy about declaring the love?”

“Not that,” he said. “I am just surprised at all of these. You know that I never expected you are this open with affection considering your father. The most important point I can take out of these is that you also love me. I have a background of being hurt, too.”

“What you mean is that you cannot love?” Ruth’s voice was raised at this point, visibly concerned.

“Of course, I can love; it is just that I am surprised by all the sudden affection from you. I didn’t expect that from you. You know we all know your father as a strict man and we do our best to avoid him. Not really avoid him but as really religious person that he is, we look up to him in many ways …”

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“Shush,” she cut him short and placed a finger on his lips. It felt awkward for Joshua because she had to raise her right arm high and place a finger across his lips. What happened next he couldn’t calculate properly as he felt her cold lips on his and soon her tongue was in his mouth, wagging.

At the beginning it felt strange to Joshua until he had to recover himself and put his heavy arms around and behind her back. He still liked the scent she carried and felt the smoothness of her skin as their skin touched. Joshua hugged her close so fast and so tight that it seemed her back would snap. Ruth laughed out loud. “You would love to snap me into two, right, with this your massiveness?” she asked, distancing her lips from his. “Is that a way of showing how well you love me? You could have easily said it? Ladies like us prefer gentlemen coming out plain to us to tell us about their love for us and not just being forceful.” She laughed again.

He smiled. He removed one of his hand from her back and used it to rub on the smooth surface of his skin. “That’s not what I mean. As I said I am still surprised that you’re this bold as I never knew. Again, you opened up your heart to me and disarmed me. I haven’t loved in a while, and it kinda feels strange you opening up to me like this. It will take time …”

“Can we f*ck?” she asked, cutting him off and making his mouth fling open. She didn’t look at him right after this. She just went on speaking. “I want to have you deep in my body, wailing to your pain.” She used one of his hand to caress his chest and abs. “I want to feel every part of your body and yelp like a baby to your touch.”

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Joshua took in deep breath. He looked at her with that stark surprised look of his that widened his eyes but didn’t limit or reduce his handsomeness. “I don’t think you are thinking this through. You are still naive about these stuff. You would certainly not want this in this woods right now.”

“That is not good, dear Ruth. I am not sure it is advisable …”

“I want every bit of you in me right now. Can you decided what you want or what I want? This is what I want …!”

“I am not sure you know what you want …”

“Damm*t! That’s what I want!”

“I think you should think it through again,” he said. “By the way I think right now, you have consumed by emotions. We should possibly meet on another day to give you time to think this through.”

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Ruth stepped away from him and glared at him. “This is what my Papa warned me off, that boys are always up to no good. A girl is loving you and you don’t even care!” She began to be emotional and sob. “I am not going to see you ever again!” she declared. She stumped out, her heels stepping hard on leaves and crushing them.

Joshua ran after her, begging, “I didn’t mean it like that. I don’t want to take advantage of you, please. You have to understand me, please!”

Ruth ignored her and continued going. Joshua ran after her. As they came to the more busy road, Joshua stopped following her. He didn’t want the town to notice and start gossiping. He stood while Ruth continued walking away in anger. Would they ever get back? Who knows?

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