The Kissing that Lingers (Episode 1)

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Joshua was out in the woods doing nothing. This was one of the days that would go on and on without any sign of ending. He didn’t know why this day was going this way. Yes, he knew some days were like that, but he would have loved it if it was not entirely so.

The day going on and on and on without an end in sight could be mentally devastating for him. Not as if he had anyone to shag. So out in the woods, he walked along the bushy paths, confused and without a focused destination. He stopped intermittently to pick some grasses or leaves but soon dropped them afterwards.

Joshua was a European one could identify as super European with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Girls had always admired those eyes of his and his hair. While in high school, he knew of many girls who said they could kill for the color of his hair and his eyes. Aside from his eyes and his hair, Joshua had a hot name and a hot body. He didn’t go to gym but the laborious work he did was enough to give him the sexy body he wanted.

So out there in the woods, he felt hot. It was summer, and the day was hot, it made him sweat and his head full of so many things he couldn’t mention. This was one of the many reasons why he decided to take a walk. Even the outdoor breeze didn’t help his matter as it seemed they worsened the situation.

He looked around the lonely woods and saw no one, so he quickly removed his shirt. He looked down at his body and he wasn’t looking bad right now. He had worried that he had added too much weight the last time. However, repeated farm work had brought back his sexiness. His abs was hard and hot a*sf, his shoulders were quite broad, his chest were extensive and large, and his laps and thighs were equally heavy to go along with his body.

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Since he thought there was no one around in the woods to watch him or monitor him, he began to show off his thick biceps and hardened his abs. He showed himself off like he had seen some body builders show in their body building competition. He made different postures and began to smile to himself when he heard some leaves rustle behind him and he stopped to look.

A small stature lady emerged from the bush, looking pleasingly at his body and smiling. Joshua knew her. She was the girl whose father had an old horse and they, she and her father, walked alongside the horse as they trudged to the farm in the mornings. She had never talked to him before but he knew she admired him with the way she looked at him whenever he met them. He didn’t even know her name.

“Oh, sh*t, you have been looking at my body the whole time I have been here, have you?” Joshua looked at her. “That’s quite creepy and not cool.”

“Chill,” she said. “I have only been peeping at your body about a few minutes ago. I walked into the bush to get some leaves for my father when I saw you showing off your abs and biceps …” she was trying to say.

“What you saying is that you saw me right now? You only saw me when I removed my clothes and was showing off?”

“Yeah,” she said. Joshua looked at her and reasoned that she wasn’t bad looking, though. She was small-looking, petite is the right word. Average height and slim. She had a long beautiful face. Joshua considering himself as massive liked her kind of lady, a lady that he felt was breakable and vulnerable. It kinda made them fit for each other, one strong and massive the other petite and vulnerable. She looked up at him and asked, “What are you doing in the woods? Showing your muscled body to the trees and grasses?”

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“Don’t be ridiculous,” Joshua said, giving a chuckle. He looked at her brown eyes, there is was no way she meant was she said. There was no way he would be out in the woods alone by himself, showing himself to the trees and the grasses. However, in one sense it seemed almost true. He chuckled again. “You think I must be insane then?”

“I don’t think you are insane. I never said that. I kinda guessed why you must be in the woods showing your body off when you know no one’s here. Or you knew I was in the woods as well?” she asked.

Joshua chuckled again and threw his head back. She was tickling his fancy. He looked at her and realized that he was beginning to fancy her. “What’s your name?” he asked her, staring at her gorgeous brown eyes.

“I’m Ruth, the only daughter of Woodrow. You should know my father and I. We pass your family’s land on our way to our farm every morning.”

“Yes, I see you.” Joshua moved where he was standing and let his heavy black boots crush the leaves on the ground. “You know I let my mind wonder how you fellas go with a horse and yet do not sit on the horse. I watch you go alongside your father, the horse walking on its own. It is weird to me.”

“That’s my father’s best horse,” Ruth said, smiling. Even Joshua was tickling her fancy. “It was one of his first horses, and he got it when he was much younger and the horse suffered with him. Now that they are both aged a little bit, he wants the horse to still be part of him. The horse has been his companion ever since we lost my mama …”

“Oh, it is such a pity to lose your mama at such a young age,” Joshua said, sympathetically. “I lost my own mom, too, sometime when I was younger …”

Ruth didn’t allow him to finish up with his statement, she got close to him and laid a kiss on his lips. It was a short kiss with her small sized lips opening and grabbing his lips. Joshua’s eyes widened in surprise and he looked curiously at her as she disembarked from kissing his lips. What in the world made her do that in such a short time?

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“What the hell?” Joshua said, his hand to his mouth, staring at her. They were in the woods for f*ck sake, anyone could have stepped in to see them kissing. Again, she was Woodrow’s daughter and everyone knew how dedicated to church he was. He had barely come to know her sexually.

“I know a lot must be going through you mind, Joshua. I really know,” she said, taking in some breaths. “Don’t think that I am not in my right mind. I am in my right mind. You see, I have always loved you ever since the first time I set my eyes on you when I escorted my father to his farm when I was fifteen. You saw me as a young teenager then but I fell wild in my admiration of you then.”

“You were just fifteen …” Joshua was trying to say and it sounded more like a question even though it was a statement.

“Yes, I was just fifteen, but it does not matter, or does it? I loved you and wanted to give all of my heart to you.” She paused, breathing in and breathing out. “You know I could have talked to you about this since, but I didn’t know how I would go about it. And my father … Oh, my father … He followed me everywhere. I think it’s providence that made him ask me to go get leaves for him.”

Joshua looked around as if he was looking for someone or if someone was coming. “Is your father close by? I want no problem of his, please.”

“He is not,” she said, gently, allaying his fears. “A maid in our home came with me but I told her to wait when I saw you that I wanted to speak to you.” She made another bold move and came very close to him. Standing close, she brought her mouth to his slightly dark nipple and sucked. His skin was salty in her mouth. Joshua moaned slightly. His nipples had not been sucked for a long time and he wondered where she learned it.

A voice in the woods began to call Ruth’s name. She stopped sucking his nipples and kissed him. “My maid’s looking for me. We will see here, this exact spot, around 6 PM tomorrow. I hope you would be there?” she said.

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Joshua looked at her, admiring her long face. “Of course, I would be there,” he said.

“Good,” Ruth said and began to leave. Joshua watched her go and imagined if all these that happened were really true or not. He was excited. He hadn’t taken notice of the girl due to how strict her father was, but she excited him now. He smiled. He can’t wait to get hold of her tomorrow. What would happen? He wasn’t sure and he was a little bit terrified.

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