Story Ideas to Write About

There is a good list of story ideas to write about that would give you good feedback in terms of awards and publicity of your story. Writing these types of stories is sure of giving a large possibility of certified success in storytelling and popularity of your story. You just have to read through this post and make the right decision.

Do you want to write stories people would love to read, that would make you popular? Do you want to write stories and plots that would make you sell your book? The first thing is to consider building your story around these storylines that would be presented to you below in this post.

Story Ideas to Write About

These storylines are great. They sell. They are unique. They satisfy your curiosity, your needs, and what you truly want.

  • Popular mysteries, which have not been solved, sell, especially one that has to do with diabolism and severe secrecy. You should also note that popular mysteries around the world that have not been solved sell as well.
  • Romance that is forbidden sells too. For instance, a story about humans moving to Mars, and there is no form of association with the aliens but one person falls in love.
  • Vampire stories do sell.
  • Aside from Vampire stories, you should also note that Zombie and werewolf stories sell too. However, you have it at the back of your mind that when writing Vampire or Werewolf stories, you should endeavor to use lots of the suspense technique, and include forbidden romance in it too.
  • One of the important facts to note is that sex and erotica is fast selling genre, too. The important fact is that you should try making it an interesting read for your audience so they don’t get bored to death by the sex, sex, sex. It will sell absolutely.
  • Interesting science fiction sells. There is fear about climate change consuming the earth and all that, or aliens invading. Feed on this fear and write on it, it would sell.
  • You should also know that popular conspiracies and controversies sell. If there is a trending controversy or conspiracy, base a book on it and write about it. People love to read about these things.

The ones are above are story ideas to write about if you want your story to be bestseller or popular, while the ones below are story ideas to write about if you want your story to win awards. It depends on the needs you set out for.

  • Stories built around feminism or stories presenting the women as limited in opportunities, who have to be fierce and bold to beat the subjugation and intimidation. Many messages that have to deal with this issue usually wins awards.
  • You have to write literary fiction if you want to win an award. It is usually literary fiction that wins awards.  
  • Metaphysical stories get far in winning awards.
  • It is important to know that stories riddled with symbols usually wins awards.
  • Writing on vital contemporary issues also assists you as a writer and helps you win awards with your stories.
  • Stories about the eruptive future, or a look into the eruptive future caused by the failing of the present generation. This should be literary to be able to win award.
  • Stories about care for nature or climate change.
  • The unity and conflict in family settings.
  • Culture connection or shock or portrayal.
  • Artificial boundaries created by humans separating humans.
  • The pain and unseen side of migration.


Getting the knowledge of story ideas to write about is very important. This can help you win awards in a great way, or make your story very popular and successful. You should know that every writer’s dream is to have a successful story or popular one, these story ideas presented in this post can help you with most of these.

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