Stories to Write About

What stories to write about is a major concern to writers as there is usually confusion on which stories are accepted and which ones are not. There are stories that sell more than others. There are also stories which win awards than others. Knowing the kind of stories to write determines the level of response you’d get on your stories.

First and foremost, you should know that successful stories are usually determined by the theme of the story. What message is your story passing across to the readers. This theme and message determines the success of the stories based on the acceptance of the story by the readers or by awards. Therefore if you are deciding on stories to write about, the message and the theme should be your top priority, and what you want to use the story for should also be a great deciding factor….

So, which kind of stories sell more in terms of message and themes?

Stories to Write About (Themes/Message)

You want to write stories people would love to read, and make you sell your book, then consider building your story around these themes/messages

  • Unsolved popular mysteries sell, especially one that has to do with diabolism and severe secrecy. The unsolved mysteries of past popular events sell as well.
  • Forbidden romance sells too. This can be a hunted alien and a dumb woman or a US president and an unemployed migrant.
  • Writing stories based on vampire also sells.
  • Zombie and werewolf sell too. However, you should note that when writing vampire or werewolf stories, use lots of the suspense technique, and include forbidden romance in it too.
  • Sex or erotica is a fast selling genre. If you write this, and you are able to make it interesting enough for your readers. It will sell absolutely.
  • Engaging science fiction sells. There is a rising hysteria about the earth dying or aliens taking over earth; if you cash in on this and write it, it will sell.
  • Trending conspiracies and controversies sell. If there is a trending controversy or conspiracy, base a book on it and write about it. People love to read about these things.

While the ones listed above are stories you should write about in terms of selling, the ones to be listed below are themes/messages you should build your story around if you want to use your story to win award,

  • Feminism or stories presenting women as oppressed who have to be strong and bold to overcome the intimidation. Or any message that has to do with gender equality and equal treatment of sexes usually wins award.
  • You should write literary fiction if you intend winning an award.
  • Metaphysical stories of any kind goes far as well.
  • Symbolical stories where such stories are riddled with symbols wins awards easily.
  • Writing on weighty contemporary issues also helps you as a writer win awards with your stories.
  • Stories about the eruptive future, or a look into the eruptive future caused by the failing of the present generation. This should be literary to be able to win award.
  • Stories about care for nature or climate change.
  • The unity and conflict in family settings.
  • Culture connection or shock or portrayal.
  • Artificial boundaries created by humans separating humans.
  • The pain and unseen side of migration.


Knowing stories to write about isn’t much of a difficult problem if you know what to do. Knowing what to do would help you out in writing the perfect story that would sell or the one that would help you win an award. These story ideas are great and would be of good help.

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