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This website is designed to publish different forms of content (adult contents included). Only content that go against the laws of the United States and most other world democracies are excluded. Thus, this website wishes to inform you that we publish erotica, horror, other sex-explicit contents as well as provoking non-violent ideas.

To be a reader or user of this platform, you should be 18.

We cannot be sued or prosecuted for the inclusion of sex-explicit content or other contents that do not go against the common laws of most world democracies.

Reading or logging in here, you are liable to the content you consume or that of anyone who lays hands on your phone while you are logged on.

This website for now is not encrypted. (However, we are working towards that).

You accept to see our ads on the course of using of this platform.

You should also accept to consider being charged to read premium content in the future. (For now, all contents are free).

Thank you for choosing this platform.

The Founder, Blithe Up

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