Personal Essay Topics

Personal essays are one of the best types of essay to write. This is because they don’t need much racking of the brain to write. Personal essays are mostly narrative, and are connected to what you have experienced. Writing a personal essay is like writing your life story. However, it could be confusing on what topics to write on. This is why we would be guiding you on personal essay topics in this post.

If you intend getting good marks in your essay, then you should write on very creative and unique essay topics. Your story should be of something different from the rest of your classmates. It should be exceptional.

Below, we’ll be presenting some of these great topics.

Personal Essay Topics

The few personal essay topics we have are below:

  • How my Uncle died of AIDS in the 80s
  • My First Success a Student
  • My Mother’s Cancer Story
  • My Trip to New York’s Hustle and Bustle
  • My View of London: The Londoner and his City
  • How I Developed Interest in Skating
  • How my Dad’s Poor Finance broke Me
  • How we Survived a Dangerous Car Accident
  • How my View about Religion Changed
  • My Encounter with a King Cobra
  • My Mum’s Interest in African Afrobeat
  • Our Trip to the Plains of Africa
  • My Farming Experience in Texas
  • The First Meal I Made
  • My Bunny, Harrison, and his Carrot
  • My First Attempt at Making Pasta
  • My First Dating Experience
  • My Family’s Visit to the White House
  • A Day with my Grandma’s Cat
  • The Day I met a Model Scout


Personal essay topics should not be a problem after reading this. Are you looking for topic ideas, then you can go with any of these. Use these topic ideas to develop point for your school work essay, and you would make a good grade. You can read more by visiting these our posts (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper and How to Write APA and MLA Essay).  

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