Power Struggle and Violence in Elnathan John’s Born on a Tuesday

Elnathan John’s Born on a Tuesday follows the story of Dantala as he grows through the rigorous and tortuous process of growing in Northern Nigeria. In the environment where he grows, politics and power struggle is a big problem. Characters are immersed in a situation where they are subjected to all levels of violence and control by the people in power.

Migration and Identity Crisis in Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah 

Americanah is Ms. Adichie’s third novel and considered to be the most politically conscious of all of her novels. The centre of attraction in the text is racism, a subject that has over the years caused serious mistrust between the races concerned. To Adichie, she only came to realize the existence of race, because she moved to America. Jolted to reality because of this, she had to find a space to write about the effects of this racism on the blacks, migrants and other concerned colours in America.

Migration and Identity Crisis in NoViolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names

We Need New Names is NoViolet Bulawayo’s first book whose events revolve around the crisis, poverty and disenchantment in Zimbabwe. This is a coming of age story that focuses on the lives of children whose lives are dictated by the harsh and hopeless environment they have been born into. These children suffer a lot of hardship ranging from poor shelter to inadequate feeding that they have to survive largely on their own.

Chancellor (Episode 2)

The marketing manager spoke. “I think the problem lies in how much the competitors are doing. They are putting in many efforts, devising new strategies to stay on top of the game.” He paused and brought out some papers from his file. “Looking at the figures here, which is that of ours standing side by side with that of competitors, we can say that we are lagging behind in devising new strategies to beat our competitors. Business and competition cannot do without the other …”

Chancellor (Episode 1)

Chancellor Trucks and Logistics was placed on a signpost close to the road. One would pass thinking much is not happening in the company but there was a lot going on beyond the trucks parked in front and the small bungalow. The environment of the trucks and logistics company was eerily quiet outside. 

Full Summary and Analysis of Niyi Osundare’s “The Leader and the Led”

This post offers a very good full summary and analysis of Niyi Osundare’s “The Leader and the Led.” From the biography of the poet, to the analysis, to the figurative language used in the poem, you can discover all you need to know about the poem. There is nothing left untouched as every subject matter is explored.

DBQ Essay

A DBQ essay is sort of a question-answer essay. This means that it is an academic essay where you are required to solve the questions given, and give back an answer. This essay type tests your analytical and understanding skills. You are judged by the marker of the essay who looks at how well you solved the question before awarding marks to you. Most importantly, your marker looks at your problem solving skill and coverage of the problem.

Evaluation Essay Example

In this post, we’ll be presenting evaluation essay example to guide you on how to write an evaluation essay. There is really nothing big in writing an evaluation essay. You just have to stick to the best process, and you would be properly guided.

Representation of War Situations in Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo’s Roses and Bullets

This article would be doing the proper analysis of the selected topic in Roses and Bullets. There would be a thorough criticism of the text using the object of literary discussion which is abundant in the text. Through the experiences and interactions of the characters in the text, the idea of “war situations” shall be fully examined.

Allegorical Reading of Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah

Anthills of the Savannah is Chinua Achebe’s last novel. It is one of the least popular of Chinua Achebe’s novels, but it is the one that is engrossed with more complexity and more depth. Metaphor, symbol and all other forms of association with depth in literariness are found in this work. Taking on a plot-leaning on a deeper meaning, Chinua Achebe  writes a story whose inner reality is not in the same line with that of others.