Money and Love in the Restaurant (Episode 1)

— Erotica —

This story begins with a BANG when Mr. Charles Weng discovers that his wife is no longer interested in f*cking him, and that she might be cheating on him. While he goes home from work every day, looking up to the mad f*ck they used to have at the beginning of their marriage, Mrs. Weng, his wife, is no longer interested. Weng wondered where he had gone wrong.

This story has fifty shades of grey of love, cheating and rejection that is linked around the life of Mr. and Mrs. Weng. Their love life. Their love affair. The distrust in their relationship and marriage. The affection that is dying.

How did it all start?

Mr. Weng is a hot billionaire who has worked hard to build his agro-allied company. As a skinny young man in his twenties, he worked hard by going to the village bushes to collect fruits of all kinds–cashews, mangoes, apples, pineapples, and a whole lot of other fruits and nuts. He stored these items a bit before he brewed them into gin of different flavors mixed with honey.

Right after his first production, his products was a success and sold like wildfire. Everyone in his little town of Wittle knew his products and cherished it. Every bar in his town soon had customers asking of his drinks repeatedly every day. In 6 months time, if he produced 5000 bottles a day, it was sold out that day. The towns around Wittle got to know of his products and it had a high rate demand.

— Erotic billionaire stories —

At that point of establishing his business and watching it becoming a success, Weng was 26. In the next three years, while he was 29, he met Mrs. Weng, who used to be an adorable young lady he met as Cleo in a gym. Their love life had been rosy all along until she recently picked a habit of not finding him worthy to touch her.

Damn. Mr. Weng knew he was hot and handsome and rich, he still worked out, and even though he was not that tall–height of 5’8, he was muscled and fresh. His face was fine too. Mr. Weng was surprised why his wife behaved that way; he hadn’t lost his hotness or cuteness. It was even, in fact, Cleo Weng that was adding because all she cared about was watching E! and eating and visiting the SPA and cruising. She no longer visits the gym or even seek to get another job since she dropped her PR job right after they got married.

Mr. Weng right now was 35 and he sulked at the kind of marriage he had gotten himself into. They no longer talked as a couple. It was as if they are strangers living in the same house. He had immersed himself in a gruesome fifty shades of grey.


On this particular sunny day, some months before Mr. Weng’s company celebrated its ten years anniversary, he sat in his office, going through the files on his table. He was disturbed in his mind as he kept searching the same pile of files for a document he was looking for. Many thoughts went through his mind. The case of his wife and him disturbed him most as he thought about how averagely sweet she used to be until he had come home one evening and she complained that he wasn’t satisfying her. They had lived and enjoyed their f*ck for two years then, so he wondered where that was coming from.

Of course, their f*ck life was great as they did it often, accompanied by a hot romance before that. They had a passionate and high-reaching f”ck in many places in their house–their room, the lounge, close to the swimming pool, in the swimming pool, at the backyard. They also did lots of positions. So, Weng has not come o understand how she declared he wasn’t satisfying her. After two years of their marriage, she stopped him from touching her and didn’t care if he got laid or not or if they would have children.

A couple of Weng’s friends had something to say then.

“The b*tch is cheating on you,” Matt, his bosom friend, owner of a Digital Agency, told him. “Cleo has seen another man who is giving you what you cannot give her. You cannot tell me anything other than this,” Matt concluded.

— Erotic billionaire Stories —

“She is leveraging on your quiet nature to do this to you,” Wright, another of his friend, said. “I think you are giving her all she wants. She is not working and is fulfilled. She might be using dildo to satisfy herself and doesn’t care if you are starved of f*ck,” he concluded.

The opinion of his most trusted friend, Paul, was the most surprising and intriguing of all the responses. “I think you should divorce her,” Paul said. “If it was from her own end, she would be the one asking for divorce. For me, I would clearly not take that.”

However, Mr. Weng had thought about the possibility of divorcing her and was afraid of the chances and the cost and the trauma on him. He had never heard a good story of divorce. He couldn’t also prove that she was cheating on him and that it was because of that that she was rejecting his advances. Is she even supposed to reject his advances? They were married for f*ck sake. They weren’t dating; they were married.

Weng stopped searching for what he was looking for; he didn’t even know if he was looking for the stuff or not anymore. He took a deep breath and picked up his phone to make a call. He dialed the phone number he intended to call and it rang. The person picked. “Hey, dear, how are you doing?” he asked.

A sweet female voice responded, “I am fine. You are supposed to be at work, hun. Why calling at this time?”

“I am disturbed and needed someone to talk to. You know my the issue with my wife …” Weng was saying, chuckling awkwardly on the phone.

“Oh … Cleo?” the lady on the phone said and paused for a while. “Yeah, I know, that’s why I am here, hun,” she said, giggling in a sweet way. “You don’t have to worry about Cleo anymore when we meet every time …”

“What if she finds out?”

“She won’t find out, baby boy,” the girl replied, there was clearly irritation in her voice. “Why are you so scared? She is cheating on you with another man already. You cannot tell me she isn’t doing that. For over four years, she isn’t bothered of your s*xual desires …”

— Erotic billionaire stories —

“Alright, dear. I know,” he said. He paused and she paused. “You know we are still meeting this evening, right, dear?”

“At the usual restaurant or …?”

“Yes. We will meet in the restaurant at the usual time. Don’t be late, baby boy, don’t keep me waiting, muah,” she said, making some kissing and sexual sounds on the phone. “See you there. I love you.” She cut the call.

Weng dropped the phone. He was in a serious dilemma. He is seeing the darkest shade of the fifty shades of grey happening before him. He didn’t want a divorce and yet he didn’t know if he still loved his wife or not in accordance to what she was doing. She no longer loved him that’s for sure. However, he hated being looked at as a bad person. She pushed him to be doing this. To be cheating. He won’t have gone the cheating way if she had been closer to him and not deviated. He was still searching for what made her change.

He adjusted on his office seat and also adjusted his collar of his blue suit. He couldn’t make sense of what was happening to him. He wasn’t this way before and right from his first girlfriend in his high school days to his second girlfriend in college, he had never cheated on any of them until they broke up with him. They always broke up with him and he wondered if that was what was happening all over again in his marriage.


Pamela was the young lady he was cheating on his wife with. He had bore the pain of not letting his wife touch him for more than two years before Paul his friend suggested he had a lady who is ready to go down with him. Weng didn’t like the idea because he had never done that but he had to do it after some pressure and he wanted to shag.

— billionaire love stories —

Pamela was all loving and looked perfectly hot. She was tall, beautiful, had some nice booty, body, and smiled affectionately at him. The first time they met, the kind of f*ck they had, no one had ever given to him like that. Since then he had stuck to her while they continues in their grey affair. This evening won’t be an exception. Nevertheless, with all the f*ck they had had and all the loving up, Weng didn’t come down to feel for her what he felt for his wife, Cleo. It was as if they should just keep fucking and nothing more. He felt Pamela doesn’t fit to him coupled with that she has fit of rage sometimes.


The restaurant they usually met is called, Eve. It was an exclusive restaurant usually used by the wealthy and it is in the outskirt of the town. He had chosen it because that is where his wife may likely not visit. Only a select few know about there.

In the evening, right after closing from work, he drove to the restaurant. He parked his Lamborghini and walked in. Pamela was already seated, smoking in the corner and looking around the restaurant. There were two couple closer to the door, eating ice cream as he walked in and they nodded to him. He nodded as well. They knew him as well as he knew them.  

— billionaire love stories —

Weng walked to Pamela’s table and sat as she puffed the last smoke on the cigarette, put the light out and turned to him. “You are late again?” she asked, a slight rise in tone as she spoke.

“I apologize. I had to wrap up something at the office,” he said while trying to sit. “How are you? How are you doing?”

“You shouldn’t have come late,” she snapped. “You told me to keep to time and you come late yourself. That’s gross!”

“See, I said I am sorry,” he said, stammering slightly. “What order do you want to make? I am famished.”

Pamela kept quiet and didn’t look at him. She picked out another cigarette, lit it and began to smoke. She blew the smokes on his face. Weng watched her and frowned at what she did.

One of the waiters, an average height and slim lady with a hair cut short and a boyish look, appeared then with the menu and a pen. Weng looked at her; her face seemed familiar like he had seen her once or twice in the restaurant. She was newly employed. The waiter brandished a smile and asked them what they would be having.

Instead of Weng to collect the menu or tell her what they would be having, he said, “You are new and different. What’s your name?”

She smiled and revealed her perfect teeth set. In her boyish trouser and waiter’s T-shirt that bore Eve, she looked ravishing. Weng didn’t know he would ever come to appreciate this kind of look. “Thank you,” the waiter said. “My name’s Evelyn.”

“Nice name,” he replied.

“F*cking make an order and let her return to her job!” Pamela barked. She blew a perfect smoke ring. Weng wondered how she was able to do that with just cigarette.

“I’d love a sandwich and my pineapple flavored brand of alcohol, Wengcholic,” Weng smiled at her and she smiled before she wrote down his order and left.

When she left, Pamela picked up the trouble. “Why were you hitting on the damned waiter while I am here?” she asked, blowing smokes on his face.

“I wasn’t hitting on her, I was only being nice to her …”

“You are such a damned liar!” Pamela roared, stood and banged her hand on the table. “You are hitting on her while I am here!”

— Erotica billionaire stories —

“I wasn’t hitting on her …”

“You were …!”

“I wasn’t!”

“You know what I can’t take this shit no more, I am going home,” Pamela said as she began to pack her bags and other things.

“We just came here, Pamela. I didn’t do no wrong …” he was trying to beg and explain as well.

“You should just shut up!” Pamela yelled. She picked the rest of her things and walked out of the restaurant. The other couples looked at him in an awkward way. Even the three waiters and servers there looked at him. He shrugged. He was used to it all.

Many thoughts ran through his mind. Would she agree to get back to him? Would he be able to cope with this mental stress from all sides this way? Can he continue like this? What shade of grey of the love in fifty shades of grey can this be? He bent his head low and grieved what he should have that seemed too far away from him.

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