Money and Love in the Restaurant (Episode 2)

— Erotica —

Mr. Weng had been disturbed ever since he went to the restaurant with Pamela. The waitress had come later to apologize and he wondered what the waitress was apologizing for. She didn’t do any wrong. Of course, everyone in the restaurant was embarrassed and felt for him, he knew. However, she didn’t have to apologize for a problem she didn’t cause. Mr. Weng had been trying to reach out to Pamela but it wasn’t working out. Pamela neither picked her calls or replied to voice messages.

The following week, on a Monday morning, he was moody as he prepared for work. The look of his own house began to disgust him. He didn’t like that everywhere looked so clean and cool while he was dying inside of him. That Pamela chose not to talk to him troubled his mind even after he showed remorse and apologized. He was in the dining trying to get something from the fridge when his wife walked in.

“You don’t look good, is there any problem?” she asked.

Weng looked at her and ignored her. She couldn’t be that serious with that question. At all. At all. She was the main reason all of these is happening. How come she is here feigning care? He ignored her; he wasn’t in no mood for her fake care; she never truly cared.

Cleo walked close to him and looked at his face, and then looked at him as he his shoulders drooped and his face looked dejected sitting on one of the dining chairs. When it passed a few minutes and she was sure she wasn’t getting any reply from him, she asked, “What would you love to have for breakfast, you’re already running late for work?”

Weng smirked and looked at her. He said, “When was the last time you asked me about that? When was the last time you cared about my mood or even what I ate?” He paused and stared at her. After a brief silence, when next he spoke, his voice had risen slightly. “I don’t know the kind of marriage we are in right now. You don’t really care about me! It is all about you! You! YOU!”

— Erotic billionaire stories —

Cleo was taken aback, and she moped at him. Throughout their marriage, she couldn’t fully remember when Weng talked to her like this. She was surprised where the outburst was coming from. When she recollected herself, she said, “See, it’s not as if I care only about myself. I do care about you …”

“When? How? In what way?” he asked while standing. Standing up, he looked her in the face. “You do care, right? You haven’t let me touch you in years. When was the last time I touched you? Am I a dead piece of wood working around you?”

“Where is all of these coming from?” she asked, confused.

“You want to know?” he asked, pointing at her. “You have been doing these and I have been acting all cool about it. You know how it feels? What if you were the one in my situation? What if as husband I clearly ignore you and move on to other things and leave you bare? What if?”

“Please, it’s on a Monday morning, we aren’t supposed to be having this discussion …”

“We should be having it because what you are doing is worse than what occur in fifty shades of grey. Bye!” he said in anger. He walked out of the dining. Cleo heard his footsteps in the living room and the next thing she heard was him shutting the door with a loud thud.

— Erotic billionaire stories —

Cleo was astonished at stared at the direction leading out of the dining. In her mind, she knew something must have happened although she can’t tell what exactly it was. Weng didn’t use to be like this before and she wondered what could be happening. “If it is for me to give in to him to touch me, it’s a no,” she said loudly to herself. “He must know where he went wrong and would have to keep begging me for it. That he changes from a quiet man to a man of rancor isn’t my business.” She shrugged and walked out.


Weng on getting to work wasn’t really at ease with the whole day and process at work. For most of the day, he couldn’t focus on what he was supposed to do. For sometimes, he sat, going through his files, and some other times, he walked around his office, looking out of the glass that was the wall of his office. He looked at the beautiful landscape he had planned on his own; the self-watering lawn, the beautiful flowers and ornamental trees arranged in neat rows, the tarred road around the complex and the workers who were mostly in their overalls.

— Erotic billionaire stories —

He was really distracted for the day. Many thoughts were going through his mind. He didn’t understand the path his life was taking. Nothing seemed good to him anymore and he didn’t have love in his heart anymore. What would he do? The two women in his life were treating him like thrash. His friends often complemented about how much of a success he was, but he felt his life needed a final good touch , and that touch was love.

He picked up the phone and called Pamela again. The phone rang and he sat, watching as the it rang till the end and she didn’t pick. He looked at the phone and considered going to see her in her house but they had agreed never to meet in her house. He looked up and was confused on what to do. Has Pamela broken up with her? Would they still come back together? He need love in his life. This is exactly what he would call fifty shades of grey situation.

He decided to call her again and his heart jumped about as he dialed the number and it began to ring. He took in a deep breath and resigned not to call her again anytime soon when she picked. “Hello,” she said; her voice sounded like someone who was delighted. Was she delighted to hear her voice? Or was she pretending as she does most of the time?

“I have been calling and you haven’t been picking? What could be wrong?” he asked, pleadingly.

“You know what’s wrong, darling. You really know what’s wrong. You were hitting on a girl while I was there with you. That’s great disregard!”

“I told I wasn’t hitting on her,” he said. He paused and took a deep breath. He recollected his thoughts. “See, I apologize if you think I was hitting on her. In fact, I apologize for hitting on her while you were there and plead for forgiveness.”

She giggled. The w*tch! “Oh okay, I have heard your pleas. Are you not at work?”

“I am.”

“You mind if we meet today, in the evening?” she asked. Weng said yes. “See, you don’t have to be late to the restaurant. If you know you won’t be there on time, it is easier we cancel it …”

— billionaire love stories —

“I have a suggestion, though,” Weng cut in. “Don’t you think we should meet at Razzo Hotel today? It has been long we visited there.”

— Erotic billionaire stories —

“Naughty baby boy,” she said giggling. Weng chuckled too. “You want to be a bad boy, right? You no longer afraid of your wife finding out?”

“I am but not completely. My wife’s not helping in the matter. I am in a fifty shades of grey situation. I really am,” he lamented.

“Alright, I will be there. You should dress hot, you know I never joke with that and I don’t fail at it too,” she said. She laughed sexually mischievously then made a kissing sound and said bye before she cut the call.

He was so excited and couldn’t wait. He giggled and leap on his office seat.


Razzo Hotel was a 5-star hotel in a large span of land that was more of a resort, the first of its kind in the town, Wittle. There was a mini palm plantation, a love garden, a lawn and tree park, a water park, a fish pond and a normal pond. Even as big as the hotel was, it was exclusive and most people in the town had never visited the hotel. People came from far away to do their honeymoon or spend their holiday there.

Weng called Pamela after closing from work and went to pick her where she said she was. In the car, while driving to the hotel, they didn’t say much to each other. They got to the hotel and quickly booked their room.

— Erotic billionaire stories —

Getting to the room, the fury in their body exploded and they ravished each other’s body. The fifty shades of grey was mostly gone at that point. As the housekeeper opened the door to the room, they walked in and waited for the house keeper to leave. Right after he left, they fell on each other and started kissing and romancing their bodies and moaning.

Weng lifted Pamela up and carried her around, trying to get to the bed. On their attempt to get to the bed, they knocked down some equipment in the room. They didn’t even look. They were in the heat of the passion of f*cking.

They down a couple of things until Pamela was dropped on the bed. Weng began to kiss her and soon tongues began to wag in their mouths. Weng stopped kissing, unbuttoned her shirt and threw it off, and he also helped her unhook her bra and threw it to the floor as well. Next thing his mouth enclosed her b**bs and he began to suck and lick and savor. She moaned loudly and twirled on the bed.

He moved his tongue to another nipple. While he was doing this, he was removing her skirt and pant. She was still moaning in ecstasy. He threw the skirt and pants on the floor. Then he used his tongue to make lines on her body. She continued moaning. He used a finger in her and she was wet already. He smiled. He fingered her further and used his tongues to trace the veins in her body; she moaned out loud.

— billionaire love stories —

He stopped and adjusted on the bed before he used his tongue on her p*ssy. She wiggled, turned, twirled, and moaned even louder. He drew her leg apart and licked and sucked like he was eating ice cream. He did this for 5 minutes, she moaning and being so wet before he stopped and pulled his shirt, trousers and under pant. Pamela smiled when she saw her d*ck like she was seeing it for the first time. It was 7 inches and average in width. She had always praised it and the work it did.

Weng adjusted Cleo on the bed and arranged her body in the way that it would favor him. He sucked her nipples a little before he got into her and she moaned first. His thrust at first was slow and steady. He did it slow and steady for like a minute before he increased the fastness of the thrusts. Soon, he was banging her, her *ss cheeks making slapping sounds against his groin.

— Erotic billionaire stories —

He f*cked her for over twelve minutes more. Soon, she was the first to release, her c*m splashing all over him. He didn’t stop. He continued f*cking until he came and his muscles tightened and he felt sweetness in the tip of his d*ck with his eyes whitening. He breathed out loud and collapsed on her.

* In the next episode, discover how Weng’s wife is about to find out about his cheating and what would happen? Weng would have to choose or not on fighting dirty as he doesn’t want to lose what he has worked out to build.

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