How to Write Theme of a Story

How to write the theme of a story is not really hard if you are good at writing. The theme is one of the most important features of a story–a theme is the foremost feature or characteristics considered in a story. Since it is a very vital aspect of a story, as a writer, whether as a beginner or an expert, you should know how to write theme of a story.

Writing theme of a story does not mean you have to explicitly state it in your post. You have to incorporate it to the storytelling going on in a story. That is if you are weaving the theme into the story. There is also a way you can write the theme of a story if you are critiquing that story or something.

In this post, we would be teaching you how to weave your theme into your story, and then how to write theme of a story in case it is a review or literary criticism about that story. Firstly, we have to get to know what is the theme of a story.

What is the Theme of a Story?

The theme of a story is the message or messages that your story intends to pass across to the readers. It can also be the ideas you want to express in your story. These messages or ideas are mainly in the positive side. For basic people, these themes are meant to educate and impact on the readers.

There are various themes you can use or weave into your story. You can read (Stories to Write About) to learn more on them. However, it is pertinent that when writing, you should choose relevant, universal themes, and the ones people can easily associate with.

How to Write Theme of a Story

First part here is to show you the steps you can follow to write theme of a story while the second part coming later is to show you how to write theme of a story in review or literary criticism.

First Part

First Step: You get your story idea and write it down.

Second Step: You expand this your idea, and make it into a well-structured plot. You develop the characters which would go along side it.

Third Step: You state the themes and develop it further.

Fourth Step: Then you start writing. When you write, you weave in the themes into the words and actions of the characters. This is important as you cannot explicitly state your themes. You weave them into the progress of your story. You can also let your selected themes show in your setting and delivery as well.

Fifth Step: Your total and complete work should show a good and comprehensive delivery and presentation of the themes in the story.  

Second Part

Most times if you are doing a review or literary criticism of a story, you have to state the theme. In this type of writing, you can explicitly state the themes. You don’t have to weave it into your write up. Simply state it.

Example: Chinua Achebe explores colonialism and religious differences in Things Fall Apart (or) William Golding’s Lord of the Flies shows non-civilization in the face of tragedy and unsupervised childhood.


Writing theme in a story is not difficult. You just have to get to know how to write a story well (How to Write a Good Story) to weave the themes in the story in an amazing way. A well chosen theme and well-woven too does wonder in a story.

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