How to Write Quotes in a Story

Writing quotes in a story is not as rigid as writing quotes in any essay, especially that of a research paper. The quotes to be written in a story can be woven into the dialogue or conversation of the characters or it can be explicitly stated in the description part of the project. Writing quotes in a story occurs, and you have to know how to write quotes in a story.

How the quotes appear in the dialogue of the characters, and how it appears in the description is different. However it is important you must note that author of the quote so as not to be accused of plagiarism by the author of the quote. In whatever way you choose to write the quote, you should ensure you write it well.

In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write these borrowed words in an essay, and how to do it well. There will be the aspect of writing quotes in dialogue and that of description.

How to Write Quotes in a Story in a Dialogue

This one, you make the characters state the name of the owner of the quote and then the quote. It is very important. Below, we’ll be giving you an example.

Example of Writing Quotes in the Dialogue of a Story

The other women laugh. Not loud. Cackling laughter that barely caresses the ceiling. A nurse comes out and turns the volume down. The same woman who shouted asks, “When will you people be done? We can’t spend all of our day here!”

The nurse, fair-skinned, beautiful, and young, about 22, smile at the woman and say, “It is Florence Nightingale who said ‘we’re almost done.’ We are arranging your files according to the right order. We’ll start soon.” She bows slightly and returns to the glass-enclosed room.

Writing Quotes in the Description or Narration Part of a Story

In this one, you state the name of the author of the quote and what he states in the body part of the story. This difference here is in that it is not one of the characters who say it. It is the narrator or writer who states it. You also have to put the quotes in quotation marks.

Example of Writing Quotes in the Narration Part of a Story

Well. I should have kept quiet. I should have simply stared at my Chizoba, who looks nowhere near the 3.5 kg he looked at birth and remained quiet but something somewhere moves me to speak. It is Florence Nightingale who said ‘healthy babies should be gaining in weight and growing instead of retrogressing.’ I speak in a rather loud way, my tone indifferent. “I had my baby through operation,” I say.


How to write quotes in a story is not a difficult thing to do if you know the procedure and process. You simply have to follow the right procedure and process, and it would be well written.

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