How to Write Project Scope

A project scope is the coverage and focus of a project. This term is mostly used for a research project. In simple term it is what a project is supposed to do, how the project would do that, and areas it would cover. This also includes areas the project would not carelessly venture into. Sometimes, people neglect the writing of a project scope, but it is important. This is why we’ll be guiding you on how to write a project scope.

This project scope does not take much space. You should go straight to the point in writing what you consider to be your project scope. It is important, and cannot be neglected, but the roles it plays in a project is almost negligible. So, you shouldn’t write more than is needed.

How to Write Project Scope

  • Writing the project scope is after getting your topic, making your research, and gathering your data. Then, by this time, you have known what you can do and what actions you can take.
  • The project scope comes in the beginning chapter of your project. In most colleges, project scope comes under the “Introduction” chapter. In this chapter, there is the background to the study, research problem, significance of study, purpose of study, the scope, and then the limitations. In some disciplines, there might be more sub-divisions in this chapter.
  • The scope is usually short. It is at most 300 words. However, the average length of a scope should be 100 – 150 words.
  • It can be one to three paragraphs, but on the average, it should be one paragraph.
  • As stated earlier, this scope is about the coverage and intentions of the researcher, particularly what areas the project should cover. You can also write what the project would avoid in order not to venture into areas that aren’t needed.
  • You should write the scope in a language that would make it seem as if the project has not be written.
  • You should remember to focus on the topic and subject matter of your project.

Example of a Project Scope

1.5 Scope of Study

This work will be a totally evaluated qualitative research. The project shall not in any form be a number-based or scientific research since it is an art and literary research without the need of numbers. The analyses to be carried out in this project shall not in any way be beyond the selected texts of this project. The analyses would be based on the text and no straying away from the events of the texts. Although there shall be from time to time, an inter-textual validation, however, there would be no complete focus on other texts aside the texts chosen for this project.  Thus, the criticism and analysis shall be text-based.


How to write a project scope is not a tasking action to do. You follow the process and guidelines, you get it right. You should endeavor to write it well because every aspects of the project matters.

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