How to Write Project Proposal for Undergraduate Level

Writing project proposal is not much of a big deal if you know how to do it. A project proposal is a very important part of a research project as it determines the success, growth and level of research you would be undertaking in that project. If you want to write a good project, then it starts from having a good project proposal. So, in this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write project proposal for undergraduate level.

You should know that before you choose your project topic and start making research first, you have to know the procedures of writing a project proposal. There are steps you should take in carrying out your project. You should read (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper) it here.

There are steps below you should follow on how to write project proposal for undergraduate level, and then there is a guideline for writing it.

How to Write Project Proposal for Undergraduate Level and the Guidelines

Step One: You make a research or search for a research topic to undergo. The topic should not have been written before, and it should be the one that solves real problem in the world.

Step Two: After getting a definite research topic, you begin to work around writing a research proposal for the project. This one is pertinent as it is this project proposal that would determine if the topic would be approved or not.

Step Three: Get to know how best to write a project proposal which would capture the intention of the project and what’s needed.

Step Four: You learn how best to present the project proposal to your project supervisor. This is important because not presenting the project proposal well might lead to rejection of the topic.

Step Five: You present it to your project supervisor.

A project proposal should be an abridged version of your chapter one. It should have all of these in a short version and in the right order:

  • The research problem or research space you want to fill.
  • The background to the research problem or study.
  • Research works that have worked on similar topics related to yours and where they’re failing. You state that your topic is different and would offer greater value.
  • The objectives you want to achieve with your project proposal and project.
  • The significance of the project. This one is very important as the relevance of the project must be showcased to convince your supervisor of how important or relevant your topic is.
  • Then, finally, the likely limitations and how you intend to overcome these limitations. State your argument that you can achieve a well-done research project. This is the final part which would convince the supervisor.

In all, your research proposal should not be more than 2000 words. Averagely, your research proposal be around 1000 words or some words above that.


How to write project proposal for undergraduate level should be a top priority if you are in your final lap in college and university. A good project proposal has a high tendency of determining the outcome of your project, and your relationship with your supervisor. You should endeavor, also, to know how to present it properly to your supervisor.

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