How to Write Gun Control Essay

The issue of gun-related violence and deaths have been a worrying issue for some countries, especially the United States of America. There have been an increased rate in gun-related violence among developed countries that people are protesting to see that gun control laws can be made a bill and passed. Since it is a popular subject of discussion, then as a student you should know how to write gun control essay.

Aside from knowing it as a regular knowledge you should have at the back of your mind, teachers and lecturers often give this topic as one to be written by their students. This is why you should know how to do it or go about it. It doesn’t take much to do,

In this post we will be guiding you through the guidelines on how to write gun control essay. However, before we do that we’ll answer likely questions related to this topic. It is important to make you get to know more about the topic, and for you to learn better.

What are Gun-related Violence or Shooting?

Gun-related violence or shooting is the act of someone inflicting harm or death on a person through the use of gun. This act might be provoke by the intent of the shooter to rob and kill, or not. In the recent time, several shootings involving the lives of the people is usually unprovoked. However, the shooters do it with an intention to inflict harm or kill the people they are shooting.

What is Gun Control?

A majority of the people are of the view that gun control is necessary to reduce or eliminate mass shooting and gun-related violence, especially in the US. They state that there are too much guns in circulation, and controlling the purchase and use of gun will reduce the spate of the violence. Thus, there should be enactment and passage of bill limiting people’s use of guns.

Is Gun Control Possible?

This is one of the popular essay topics regularly given to students. You can support the one you have more points on. However, you would have more points if you write that gun cannot be controlled in the way that’s expected. There are millions of guns in use in the US, for instance, and there are people who use it for positive use, larger in number than those who don’t. There are also people who are vehemently opposed to gun control.

How can gun control be possible with these types of scenarios? Furthermore, the states in the US who have stricter control of the use of the gun are actually the worse when it comes to shooting.

How bad is Gun-related Violence or Shooting in the US?

The gun-related violence or shooting in the US is terrible since the beginning of 21st century. At least, over 200 cases happen in the country yearly related to shooting and violent use of the gun. If gun control is passed into law, there could be a reduction. However, can gun control be possible in the US that has over the years of its existence allowed free use of gun?

What are the likely Topics on Gun Control Essays?

There are several topics you can be given concerning the gun control subject matter. Some of these topics are:

What is Gun Control?

Describe How bad Gun-related Violence or Shooting is in the US?

What are the Causes of Mass Shooting in the US and How can it be Prevented?

Is Gun Control Possible in the US?

What are the Requirements to be met before the US Governments can introduce and enforce Gun Control Laws?

What would be the effects of Gun Control?

How Morally Good or Bad is Gun Control?

Having answered this likely questions, the next is to show you how to write the essay, depending on the topic that might have been given to you.

How to Write Gun Control Essay

  • Research: The first step to writing a gun control essay is that you should make good research depending on the topic of the essay you are given. You should read articles and material online and offline. Ensure you have the necessary documents to support your fact as you argue.
  • Stick to the Guidelines: Before you begin writing you should ensure you read the guidelines given by the lecturer or teacher very well. Follow the guidelines thoroughly. If the instruction and guidelines given is “1000 words written in Times New Roman Font and Double-Spaced,” please stick to that guideline.   
  • Write: You can then start writing after the research and reading the guidelines. Writing it early before the deadline given by the teacher or instructor so you can always have time to go through it and edit. The earlier the better. You should ensure you arrange the sentences, paragraphs, indentation and others properly.
  • Grammar and Punctuation Rules: You should ensure you obey the grammar and punctuation rules 100% as you write, or when editing. The more bad your grammar and punctuation is, the lower your score would go. This is important.
  • Enough Facts: The key to scoring high in this type of essay is that you have to have enough facts. These facts would sway the mind of the teacher and lecturer to score you higher or lower. If your essay lacks facts, then it is definite that you would score lower. When quoting facts, you should do well to put them in quotation marks and write who said them. If it is a research paper, do proper citation.

You can read (How to Write an Essay) to know the proper step to follow and how it is written. Then for research paper you can read (How to Write MLA and APA Essay) to know how to write, format and structure this essay type as a research paper.


How to write gun control essay is not really much of a problem if you know the guidelines and procedures to follow. You have to remember the facts or your argument is very important, then your good use of grammar and punctuation, your arrangement of your essay. Once you keep to these procedures and guidelines, you are sure to make a very good mark in it.

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