How to write Fight Scene in a Book

How to write a best seller book is a constant bugging question in the mind of writers. Every writer usually has the dream of writing a best seller book. How then do you write a best seller book? One of the ways of writing a best seller book is knowing how to make everything in your book perfect, including the fight scenes. When writing fight scenes, they should be good by captivating the reader and being realistic. The big bug to be tackled in this post is to guide you properly by teaching you how to write fight scene in a book.

To understand and learn this matter better, there will be full and complete revelation of what a fight scene in a book is.

What is a Fight Scene in a Book?

This is a situation where there are characters engaged in a conflict, fight or violence in a book. This fight can be as minimal as verbal fight or as great as a war or a large-scale destruction. Fight scenes are necessary in books to make the books entertaining for the reader. Fight scenes are parts of the elements that make a book engaging, page-turning, and interesting for the reader.

Therefore, it is pertinent that when you are writing a fight scene in a book. It should be excellent and engaging for the reader.

Characteristics of a Good Fight Scene in a Book

  • Engaging: A good fight scene should be engaging. When there is a fight scene in a book, it should put the reader in tension. It should be fast-paced in narration and little of dialogue. The reader should want to know what happened next in the fight, and whether the hero would die. There should be great use of suspense technique here.
  • Stronger Villain and Weak Hero: The opponent of the hero should be stronger. The challenge for the for hero should be so tough the reader should think he or she would die. If the hero is weak and faces chances of defeat then it is more interesting for the readers.
  • Fast-Paced Narration: Even though the other parts of your book are dull, you should endeavor to make your fight scene fast-paced in narration. There should be no dull moment. Go straight to the point, tell the readers as it happens.
  • Show don’t Tell: This is the best place to show, and not tell. As the fight occurs and as the characters are fighting, narrate it in simple language. Fight scenes are certainly not the place to start unnecessary descriptions and narration. Focus on the fight alone.
  • Make it Real and Keep it Real: If the book you’re writing is not fantasy in any way, please make your fight scenes real. Readers enjoy it when they can believe the realness of a fight scenes. Don’t write a realistic fiction and state that a 10 year-old boy lifted a truck to kill a hefty murderer. No one would take you or that fight scene seriously.

In the next part of this post, we’ll be examining how to write fight scene in a book, the procedures you should follow and the guidelines to write a good fight scene.

How to Write Fight Scene in a Book

  • You should develop the full plot of the book and put in where and where the fight scene would occur. Bear this in mind when writing.
  • The conflict leading to the fight scene should be well-structured and built. The conflict should escalate as the story builds up.
  • The scene of the fight and the characters involved should be well described before the fight starts. Once the fight starts, all types of description should be stopped. The focus should be on the fight alone.
  • Readers love it when the hero is the weaker one and has to bounces from near defeat to beat the villain.
  • There should be very little dialogue in your fight scene. It should be all about action and fight!
  • A fight scene should not be too long. Once it gets too long, especially when you include much descriptions and dialogues, your reader loses interest.
  • When writing use little adverbs and adjectives and more of verbs. You should endeavor to write in active voice when writing your fight scene.


How to write a fight scene in a book shouldn’t be much of a problem if you know your way around it. A good fight scene in a book keeps the readers engaged. Once you know what to write and how to write it, writing a good fight scene shouldn’t be a difficult task.

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