How to Write Executive Summary of a Project and other Related Questions in Project Writing

Project writing is a bug in students’ minds and they feel it hampers their happiness in some sort of ways. The main problem why it looks like a bug to them is that they presume and consider it as a herculean task to do. Assuming project writing is not demanded and made compulsory in their coursework, a lot of students would want to skip it. Nevertheless, project writing isn’t as difficult as student presume. In this post, we’d be discussing how to write executive summary of a project and other related questions in project writing.

Before we delve into these questions, it is important you understand what project writing is and all that’s included in it.

What is a Project (Undergraduate Project)?

A project or undergraduate project is a piece of research writing done by undergraduates as part of their required coursework in college. These students are directed by their lecturers on the topic to choose, how to carry out the research and how to write. Undergraduate project is basically a research carried out by these students to fulfil the requirement of the degree certificate and solve their research problem.

The undergraduate project follows the same process and guidelines of dissertation writing as we posted earlier (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper). The difference is that a project is shorter. In an undergraduate project you can be asked to write 40 pages, while dissertation is usually 120 – 250+ pages.

Now, in this post, below, we’ll be answering questions that would guide you in writing the preliminary and introductory parts of an undergraduate project.

How to Write an Executive Summary or Abstract of a Project?

You can write this only when you’re done with the entirety of your project. Executive summary is the summary of your project from the topic to the research problem to the literature review and many more. Abstract or executive summary don’t exceed 300 words. So, you make the summary of the project brief.

For abstract, it is more like stating to the reader what he or she is about to encounter in that project. You first of all start with the stating the research problem then you move to the uniqueness of the research topic before going on to literature review, methodology used, the analysis done and the conclusion of the work. All these should be said within 300 words.

Example of Abstract of a Project


Nigeria grapples with a lot of problems, and one of them is infrastructural challenges. Infrastructural challenges contribute to what has hindered the economic growth of the country. A situation necessitated by government corruption, the country’s short funds, bureaucracy, and other factors. The country’s infrastructural challenges have affected the growth of the country, touching most sectors, limiting the economy, the informal sector inclusive. This paper takes on the infrastructural challenges of the country, tracing the factors and the details of the challenges, and how they influence and affect the informal sector of the country. The informal sector being one of the largest parts of the country’s economy affects the development and growth of the economy adversely burdened by the infrastructural challenges.

Keywords: Infrastructural Challenges, Informal Sector, Nigeria’s Economy, Nigeria’s Government

How to Write Problem Statement in a Project?

Problem statement is the research gap filled by your project. You can simply write the problem statement within your introductory chapter where you state the research gap or problem your project discovered and how it’s going to fill it up. It should be written in active voice and in a somewhat future tense statement. It should also be brief and straight-to-the-point.

Example of a Problem Statement

1.2 Problem Statement

This project intends to study Lassa Fever and its endemic/pandemic influences within the African diaspora bringing a fresh perspective to the study of Lassa Fever. This perspective of the study of this infection has not to be done according to the research conducted by the researcher. There is a paucity of research on the topic. 

Other scholars have carried out research in the field of fever and have studied the migratory nature of other endemic diseases but none studied Lassa Fever and its endemic/pandemic influences within the African diaspora. Offering a fresh perspective is not only to produce this project but also to fill in this important research gap. Since no research has been done in that aspect, this project fills that gap. 

The related works to this topic include Chinedu Mbah’s “Ebola Pandemic: The Effects on Travelling within Africa Diaspora,” which states that the effect of fear of the spread of Ebola and the slight reduction of a visit to the continent at that time especially in West Africa neglecting Lassa Fever in its entirety. The main point of the essay is how the situation of the pandemic affected the travelling in and out of the country. 

In another scholarly work done by Yemi Sola, “Migration and Diseases Spread within African Diaspora,” she studies the migration and spread of infectious diseases by Africans. In her work, some cases are sampled and brought up giving instances of such occurrences in Europe and America. However, her work doesn’t totally focus on Lassa Fever but does more of a general study of infectious diseases and how they affect migration. 

In addition, Haruna Adamu’s “Lassa Fever Epidemic Effect on the Economy of Nigeria” studies Lassa Fever in the aspect of the situation and effects of the disease in Nigeria excluding other Africans and the diaspora Africans. Furthermore, the primary focus of the paper is on how the pandemic viral fever affects the economy of the country instead of the health situation of the citizens and the country. 

There are also other essays or research works that fail in the aspect of this essay as they fall short in dealing with the topic proposed by this project. In the course of the research accompanying the project, this vital research gap was discovered and it would be solved. There are also other problems around the topic like how these infected diaspora Africans cope with the idea of being treated abroad, the better facilities and treatment, the harsher restrictions, and the higher expenses in some cases. 

How to write a Project Scope?

The scope is the focus of the project. It is somewhat of a guideline directing you on what to write and the limitations you shouldn’t exceed. To write this, simply state in brief terms how your project will tackle the research problem and where it won’t exceed.

How to write a Project Proposal for Undergraduate? 

Project or research proposal is what you intend to do in your project work. This is the first write up that is submitted to your project supervisor. This proposal includes the research problem in your project, your project topic, the research methodology you want use, the analytical methods you want to employ and the referencing style. The intellectual or research weight of the proposal would help the supervisor determine if it would be approved or not.

How to write a Cover Page for a Project?

The cover page of your project contains the title of the project and other relevant details about you, the researcher. It contains the topic of the project, your name, registration number, department, name of institution, date, name of supervisor and some other details. Since what is written is not much, the words are centered on the cover page.


How to write executive summary of a project and other related questions in project writing shouldn’t cause too much problem. If you follow the guidelines well enough, you can execute a good project. Writing a good project improves your CGPA and makes you graduate well as it carries a whole lot of marks and points.

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