How to Write an Application Letter/Cover Letter Email

How do I write a good application/ cover letter email to get a good job is a good question to ask if you’re really seeking to land a job in no distant time. It doesn’t much to write an email of application letter/cover letter to apply for an advertised job. In writing this, you must be very good at it and write it well to get that advertised job very fast.

It is important you note that to get a job you’ve to write a good email of application letter/cover letter. There are always many job seekers outside there, so to qualify to be taken for a job, everything about your job application should be great. In this post, we’ll be laying before you the processes, tips and procedures you should take in writing a good email of application/cover letter to ace that job.

Before we go to the tips and procedures, we’ll take a look at some related questions which would help you understand the topic or concept of this post. They are,

What is an email of application/ cover letter?

An email of application letter/cover letter is a writing you do and submit through your mail to apply for jobs. It is most times an application for job. There are also other applications like for scholarship and funding and all. However, for this post, we’re going to focus on writing an application for jobs.

How long should an application/cover letter email be?

It should be short and brief. This email contains only three – five paragraphs at most. There should be a salutation at the beginning, then a heading (optional) and 3 – 5 paragraphs in the body and a closure. So, it should be straight-to-the-point and not long.

What should an application/cover letter email contain? How do I write a good application/ cover letter email to get a good job?

An email application/cover letter should have content of salutation, heading (optional), body and closure. The body should contain 3 – 5 paragraphs. The content of the body should include how you got to hear of the job, the position you want to apply for, a brief detail about yourself, your skills and experience, and reminder or words of how you’d love to get a feedback from the company.

Thus if your email cover letter is 4 paragraphs, for instance. Each paragraph should be short of about 3 – 6 simple or compound sentences. Your first paragraph should contain how you heard about the job, the position you’re applying for and your capacity for that position.

Your second paragraph should contain your personal details like name, certificates acquired and location (optional). After writing about your certificates, write about your skills and how suited they are for the job.

The third paragraph should include your experience related to the job and achievements in that line. You should refer to your attached CV and other requirement that they should check it out as well in this paragraph for further consideration.

The last paragraph should contain thanksgiving lines and words relating to looking forward to hearing from the company. Then the closure which is “yours sincerely” followed on a different line by your full official name.

Should a CV always be attached to an application/cover letter email? Should an application/cover letter email always be sent together with a CV?

The answer to both questions is yes. You should always send a cover letter with an attached CV/resume any time you’re applying for any job even when it is not demanded. Some HR may omit the aspect of you sending a cover letter alongside your attached CV but the truth is that you must always send them together even when you aren’t asked to.

The real deal is that your email should be brief and your well-written and comprehensive CV/resume should be attached to it. Follow the steps, processes and procedures we’ve outlined here to write a good cover letter. You should remember that you’re applying for a position where hundreds of other people are applying. Endeavor that yours is the best among them all to get that job.

We’ll be presenting a sample before you below to guide you on writing a good application/cover letter email and answering how do I write a good application/ cover letter email to get a good job?

The Sample is below:

Dear Sir/Ma,

Application as a Website Manager

Referring to a call for job applications posted on Facebook by Ms. Ebere Asogwa, I would love to apply for the position of a website manager. I have the needed experience and skills. I will deliver if I am taken to serve the needs of your new company in this aspect.

I am Ifeanyi Ukwueze. I graduated from the Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria. I’m a skilled writer and a website manager with basic knowledge of graphics design. I’m an expert at content creation, SEO (search engine optimization), social media content calendar, online marketing, website design (WordPress), and engagement tactics.

After my graduation in 2019, I have garnered lots of experience in the field and some professional certifications as well. My utmost achievement in this field is working with InfoEast, the fastest growing southeast news tabloid. I influenced its growth on social media and its website by 50%. I’ve also served in other great capacities such as in my university where I served as the editor of the oldest student journal on campus. As an editor, I introduced the journal to social media and started the process of the journal having a website. Presently, the journal’s social media platforms and websites get good engagement.

I’ll work hard to see your company starts off on a solid foundation on social media and with your website. I also have other relevant work experience and personal information contained in my CV attached to this application letter. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards.

Yours sincerely,

Ukwueze, Ifeanyi Charles


How do I write a good application letter/cover letter email to get a good job shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have studied what we have stated this far and implement them at the point of your application. With what you’ve learned here, you’ll stand out with your application. This application/cover letter email writing procedure can be used for all jobs and career.

You should endeavor to write well without mistakes and errors and send them properly and right after writing. After sending, check your sent mail side to check if it went through, if not, re-send.

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