How to Write Bachelor Thesis and Thesis

Bachelor thesis is the necessary and compulsory requirement for an undergraduate student of any college or university. This is the reason why when it is submitted, there is a part of the front cover page that reads “in the partial fulfilment of the course.” Thus, it is very pertinent you write a good work when writing your bachelor thesis. In this post, we’ll be tackling how to write bachelor thesis and thesis.

There will be a great attempt at discussing the features of bachelor thesis, how to write it and all the details about it. When you get to the level where this thesis is demanded from you, there is this scare as you may be overwhelmed by the level of work you have to do. However, reading this post, it will make it easier for you as it does not take much to meet up to your university’s or college’s requirement for this thesis.

To understand this post better, you would need to read our (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper). In that post, you would learn the process of carrying out a research, and what is expected of you in a research. For this post, to understand the subject matter better, we’ll be answering questions related to the subject matter.

What is Thesis?

Thesis can mean several things. Firstly, and most prominently, thesis is a research work done by a tertiary level student as demanded by the school curriculum. It is often a vital part and requirement for these students’ graduation and their completion of their studies. This thesis can be at diploma, first degree, master’s degree, PhD levels, and other levels in any tertiary level that demands thesis writing.

In another way, thesis can be explained to be the thesis statement (focus, topic or focal point) of any research work or body. In writing a project or any form of thesis, there is usually the thesis statement, and it is this thesis statement that guides the rest of the work.

Thus, this is the meaning of thesis.

What is Bachelor Thesis?

Bachelor thesis is the research work or body of work expected of you as an undergraduate student of a college or university. It is part of the requirement to ascertain if you qualify to graduate from the college or university. It is called Bachelor thesis because it is the thesis for the completion and getting of a Bachelor degree.

This name or type of thesis is used more in British colonized countries like India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and so many more. It is possible because the degree awarded is usually “Bachelor degrees.” For instance, Bachelor degrees in Art, Sciences, Law, Medicine, and so on.

What makes a good Thesis or Bachelor Thesis?

What makes a good thesis or bachelor thesis or determines one lies on several factors. You should know that to get a good work, you would need to do considerable wide variety of things. What are these things?

  • Choose a unique topic.
  • Carry out proper research surrounding this topic.
  • Gather data around that topic very well. The data should be the primary and secondary data.
  • If your topic requires an experiment, carry out an extensive research, and ensure you do it well.
  • When writing, you have to write very well with good grammar, and good and arranged presentation of your points.  
  • In addition, when writing, follow the stated procedure of your department and school. For instance, if your department or course of study is English and Literary Studies, and you are mandated to use MLA documentation style as well as not write beyond 10,000 words; then, you have to keep to these guidelines and procedures.

How to Write Bachelor Thesis and Thesis

There are steps and procedures to follow to enable you write a good bachelor thesis and thesis. We will be examining these steps and procedures below:

First, we will be examining the steps to follow in writing these. The steps are represented below:

Doing research or writing a dissertation is not much of a hard task. The process begins with you having the conviction that this long research work and dissertation is what is expected of you. When you have the conviction then you bear it in mind that you’re to deliver an outstanding job to score a very high grade. Then you follow the steps below meticulously:

  • Get a research problem/question (also considered as the research topic).
  • Evaluate the veracity and possibility of success of the chosen research topic.
  • Gather data and material (primary or secondary) to help you in the research.
  • Write down the details of the data and material gotten.
  • Begin the thesis writing and know that a thesis and bachelor thesis is classified into different parts.  
  • After writing, you include citations used at the end. Read our (How to Write APA and MLA Essay) to get to know what is citation and how to do citation.
  • Endeavor to go through the written work to identify and correct errors. You can go through the work and edit more than once and as many times as possible.
  • You submit to your supervisor for vetting.
  • Correct the issues pointed out by your supervisor before you submit the final copy, do the binding and all. Your thesis is completed.

In the next part, we’ll be discussing the parts of a bachelor thesis and thesis to help you know how to write it and the parts you should ensure you don’t miss out.

You should note that a bachelor thesis and thesis are divided into parts and these parts would be presented and discussed below. You should note that these parts are present in the thesis of all fields in the university or any tertiary level institution–the sciences, arts, management, social sciences and more. The parts are:

  • Title page: This is usually the front page of your thesis where you write your topic.
  • Preliminary pages: These pages include the dedication, acknowledgement and table of contents pages. These pages aren’t so important but they are necessary. You dedicate the work to whoever you love, acknowledge those who assisted you or helped you in one way or another and then lay out the contents in the work in the table of contents. You write these pages after finishing the research and main part of the thesis.
  • Abstract: This has its own page and is a summary of what is achieved in the work. It usually includes a very brief summary of the research problem (focus), literature review, the methodology, the analysis and the conclusion. Abstract is often contained in a single page, a single non-indented paragraph and not more than 300 words.
  • Introduction: This part is usually the first chapter introducing the work. Here gives a background of the study to be carried out in the work. This part includes background of the study, statement of the research problem (focus), objectives of the study, scope of the study and limitations of study. Some disciplines include the research methodology and theoretical framework in this part as well.
  • Literature Review: This part of the research work, in most disciplines, has its separate chapter. It is where related research works to your topic is reviewed. This related works are studied to bring out their relatedness to a topic exploring what they did and what they failed to do.

This is actually a very important part of the work as supervisors and graders ensure they go through it to verify that you did a proper research and whether your research topic is unique.

  • Theoretical Framework and Methodology of Research: This part also takes up a different chapter in a bachelor thesis. It is the analytical procedure or research method a work adopts, and they are explored in this chapter. There are two major research methods: qualitative and quantitative. There are different theories used in analysis of data in the different academic fields in the university or any tertiary level school. There are also different types of citations.

This chapter exposes the research method, theory and citation/documentation method you used on the course of writing your work.

  • Results, Analysis and Discussion: This is the most important part of your research work as it presents the data gotten on the course of carrying out the research, then analyzes and discusses the data. It has a separate chapter and is usually the longest. To score high mark and grade, you should ensure you do an excellent job in this part with your analysis and presentation of facts.
  • Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations: This is a chapter on its own and the final chapter. This is where you summarize all that you’ve done in the work, make some concluding points and offer recommendations according to the research problem, data used and analysis of the data of your work.
  •  Citations (References or Work Cited): There are different types of citations used in any research work or dissertation (in-text and end-text). Before you start writing your dissertation at all, endeavor you write down the details of all the works you borrowed ideas from directly and indirectly. Then when writing include the details in the work and also at the end.

Different academic fields have different citation methods. If you’re to start, you should read up the one used in your field of study and how it is used. For instance, most disciplines in the arts use qualitative research method and MLA citation method while social sciences use qualitative and APA. There is in-text citation used in the main body of the dissertation. There is also end-text citation used at the end.

Other Things utilized in this Research Type Writing, you should know

  • Quantitative Research Method: This is a research method that is number-based and features heavy use of number and data analysis. It is highly objective, and thus, restricts itself to the data gotten from the field solely.
  • Qualitative Research Method: This one is subjective and uses a lot secondary data. What is usually done is a subjective interpretation of an already established data. The outcome of the result and analysis depends on the personal interpretation of the researcher. It is not number-based.
  • Survey: This a data collection method where opinions of people are gotten or sampled as primary data. It is used in quantitative method.
  • Questionnaire: This is series of questions handed out to people to get their opinion in relation to the research topic.
  • Interview: This is where people are selected and interviewed with questions relating to the topic of the dissertation. Their answers are used as part of the primary data.
  • Sampling Method: This is a data collection method where there is a selection of few houses or respondents in target location to cover up for the entire location.
  • Plagiarism: This is the act of borrowing or using people’s ideas and words without citing or acknowledging them. This is considered as intellectual theft and a grave crime if found guilty. You will be punished or even arrested if found guilty of plagiarism. You should stay away from this.


How to write bachelor thesis or thesis is not a difficult thing to do if you know the right procedures and steps. You should read all that we have stated here and keep to it, and in no time you should be writing a good work. When research and writing, you should ensure you write well to score good points.

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