How to Write an Introduction Paragraph in an Essay

Writing an introduction paragraph can be one of the hardest things to do in an essay. It is hard, and it is not because you don’t know how to do it; it is because it is an important part of your essay. This part of your essay can make or mar you. If you get it right, then you have got your essay right. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write an introduction paragraph in an essay.

You should know that the introduction paragraph of your essay is what introduces the reader to your essay. Therefore, it has to be super great. The hook in your essay to capture the attention of the reader or examiner should be in the introduction paragraph. In addition to this, the introduction paragraph should be concise and in active voice as well.

Writing this is not hard, it also does not take much, you just have to know the necessary things to do. Once your introduction paragraph is great, then you have gotten your essay right. Read on to discover more of this.

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph in an Essay

Including the Thesis Statement or Topic Sentence: Your introductory paragraph in your essay should have the thesis statement or topic sentence. This is to introduce what you want to do to the readers and examiners. When there is knowledge of the topic at this beginning, then the reader would know how best to read the work. He or she will also know how best you presented your thesis.

Writing in Active Voice: The introductory paragraph of your essay should be written in an active voice. This means it should be like you are addressing and making a speech to your readers. Your introduction shouldn’t be like you are reporting an event to your readers. It should be like speech making or an address.

Using Little Adjective or Adverb: Since the introduction is not long. You should endeavor to use adjective or adverb sparingly. You can use the other classes of speech as you like but not adjective and adverb. This is because you have to avoid writing in passive voice, and you also have to avoid making the introductory paragraph the long one.

Making it Short: The introduction paragraph of your essay should not be long. In fact, you have to cut the essay to be as short as possible. The average length of an introduction should be one paragraph to two pages depending on the length of the essay that is written. The shorter the length of the essay, the shorter the introduction.

Writing your Intention and Ideas: The other factor to consider in writing your introduction is what you intend to to do and the ideas you want to write about in the essay. For instance, if your topic is “What is Literature,” then you give your brief understanding of Literature, what it entails, how you want to go about unraveling the topic in your essay, and others.

However, you should note that when writing about your intentions and ideas, you make it short.

Research Methods and Processes: This aspect is needed and important if your essay is a research work. While writing the introduction, you’ve to state the research method and processes to be used in realizing the essay. You don’t have to include this if you are simply just writing a school essay or basic essay.


How to write an introduction paragraph in an essay is not difficult if you know how to do it right. Getting this right means you have gotten your essay write. While writing it, endeavor to give it your best. It determines how much marks the examiner would award to you.

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