How to write an Essay (Write my essay for me)

Write my essay for me or how to write an essay might be one of your important enquiries or questions. Essays are not as hard as you may think as they can easily be written or sorted so far you know what to do and how to go about it. Essays aren’t like Mathematics or any other things that you must know the formula and follow the formula thoroughly.

Essays have a procedure quite alright but you need constant use and practising of the process and procedure to be able to perfectly be good at essay writing. It does not take much to know how to be a good essay writer, however, you need constant practise. In case you are concerned and state write my essay, then it’s also not a problem.

Before we go into the details of essay writing, you should know what’s an essay, the types of essay and other features of an essay. With these you should understand how to write an essay, and even if you insist on write my essay or write my essay for me, you’d know that we are capable.

Below are necessary questions you should note and know about essays:

What is an essay? 

An essay is a piece of writing often written in well-organized paragraphs meant to convey an intended message. It is written to be clear and understandable for the readers. It should have a title, an introduction, main body and conclusion. There are different types of essays and modes of writing this essay.

What are the types of essay?

For students of English Language or any other language subjects or courses, there are four types of essay–argumentative, narrative, expository and descriptive essays. However, due to how dynamic the advancement of human civilization is and the educational system, essays have incorporated other writings like research paper, literary criticism, dissertation, undergraduate, personal statement, biographical stories, regular school assignment and many more to be essays.

What makes a good essay?

The features of a good essay include that it must be chronologically well-arranged as such that title comes first, followed by introduction, body and conclusion. A good essay should be written in perfect and correct English or the language you’re using–the grammar, punctuation, arrangement/structure and capitalization should be correct. Most importantly, your essay should completely treat the topic and present good or quality content.

What is a research paper and how do I write it?

Research paper are pieces of writing investigating or studying a phenomenon. This kind of writing is what students are introduced to in their high school and continue to do it as they go higher in education. It follows the process of stating a research problem then moving on to hypothesis to examination, inquiry or experimentation to analysis before the results and conclusion of the research is established. The main aim of any research paper is to investigate or study a strange or new phenomenon that hasn’t been studied and bring up results.

There are different types of research papers, and some include regular essay or assignment in school, undergraduate degree project, dissertation, thesis, research paper or essay, and many others.

You write research paper by following the process we mentioned above in this part of the post. Then, you arrange your work into parts. These parts include the abstract, introduction, (possibly) the literature review, theoretical framework and methodology, the analysis and result, the conclusion, and finally the end citations. There are different research papers and how to write them, it’d be treated in a different post.

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What is a letter and is it an essay?

Letter is also a piece of writing you use to convey personal messages to people, close relatives to you or not. Even though they’re pieces of writing like essays, they are different from essays. Letters convey personal messages and have different features from essays; they’ve addresses, (possibly) title, salutations, the main body and the closure or closing felicitations.

How to write an Essay

For this post, we would be focusing on regular essay writing in language courses and subjects. We would also focus on writing of essays for school work. For what we’d be treating here, you should note that we combined these different types of essay below and treated their features together. These essay types include:

  • Regular school essay/assignment
  • Narrative essay (stories, non-creative fiction and biographies)
  • Argumentative essay
  • Expository essay (stating a finding)
  • Descriptive essay

First as we wrote earlier, all of these essay types have these parts or features:

  • Title: This is the name or topic of your essay. It should be written in a catchy way that it attracts the attention of the intended reader. In the process of writing the title, the main part of speech–noun, adjective, adverb, and longer verbs–should be capitalized while the others should be in small letters. Then it should be underlined or italicized depending on the directive of the teacher or lecturer.
  • Introduction: For this, in argumentative essay, you should salute or greet the judges, the audience, and all other concerned protocol sequentially and according to importance by the right hand side. In other essay types, you go straight to the point in introducing your topic and what you intend to do in the essay. The introductory part of the essay should include your topic, your intention in the essay and how you intend to fully explore the topic. This is usually just 1 paragraph.
  • Body: This is the main part of the essay where the you write your ideas about your topic in well-arranged paragraphs and your points and ideas well-stated. Your sentences should be well-structured and use different types of sentences. For narrative and descriptive essays, use short and direct-to-point sentences. This can be 3, 5 or more paragraphs. If it is an expository essay, you state some of your finding here.
  • Conclusion: This is where you wrap up what you have stated and have been stating. You make concluding statement stating your resolve and your key findings. It is usually a paragraph.

To be good at essay writing, we insist that you should read and practise and read and practise. No good writer become good overnight without constantly reading and practising. The more you read essays written by other great writer be it stories, research papers, argumentative notes, you get better and even become more excellent when you practise often. This is how you know how to write an essay.

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