How to Write an Essay Format and an Informative Essay

An Essay Format and an Informative Essay

Essay writing is what has given a lot of people serious issues in terms of how well to write it and the right formats to use in writing it. You should not that there are different types of essays, and these essays have somewhat similar as well as different essay formats. If your worry is how to write an essay format or an informative or informational essay, this post is here to guide you.

As stated, there is a similar essay format that all essays follow, and there are also different essay formats which essays follow. You have to note the best one to use and how to use them. More so, in writing informative or informational essay, there is a guide and steps you need to follow to get it right. They will be treated here.

However, before we move fully to the topic in question, we would answer some questions to make you understand the topic better.

What is an Informative or Informational essay? 

An informative or informational essay is a piece of writing often written in well-organized paragraphs giving information about a concept or topic. They simply provide information about a topic. Informative or informational essay can define a term, provide more information about a subject or topic for better education of the people, compare and contrast topics, analyze data, and answer how-to or why questions.

You must note that they should be written in clear and understandable language for the readers. It should have a proper and good essay format.

What is a proper and good essay format?

A good essay format or the format that a good essay should have include a good and well-written title, an introduction, main body and conclusion. This format will be explored better later in the post, and you must that it is the universal essay format and guide you can use in any form of essay. Importantly, you must note that a good essay format or any good essay at all should have powerful introduction and conclusion.

What is a Thesis Statement and How to write a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the phrase, clause or sentence that states fully the details of the topic of your essay. This thesis statement should be like a guide leading you on what to do and how to do it in the essay. It should appear in your introduction compulsorily and anywhere else you wish it appears. It should be in a simple sentence and direct-to-the-point.

Example is This essay studies how to write an informative essay.

What makes a good informational or Informative essay?

The features of a good informational or informative essay include that it must be chronologically well-arranged as such that title comes first, followed by introduction, body and conclusion. Informative essay or any essay at all should be written in perfect and correct English or the language you’re using–the grammar, punctuation, arrangement/structure and capitalization should be correct. Most importantly, your essay should completely treat the topic, and present good or quality content.

How to write a good Introduction and Conclusion in Informative or Informational Essay?

In informative or informational essay or any essay at all, your introduction should be intriguing and capture the interest of the readers. It should not be long (3 – 6 sentences at most) and should state the thesis statement of the essay. The introduction should be written in active voice, state your topic and what you set out to deliver, and you should also state why you chose to write on the topic.

For a good conclusion, you should remake your thesis statement, make a quick summary of what you’ve done in the essay and how you were able to tackle the thesis statement. Lastly in the conclusion, you make recommendations or suggestions on what can be done further on the topic. It should also be short (4 – 10 sentences at most).

Now, we’ll be moving on to answering the how question of how to write an essay format or informative and informational essay. We’ll start with that of essay format.

How to write an Essay Format?

Earlier, we slightly mentioned the essay format you can follow in writing an essay. Here, we’ll be breaking it down and presenting them one after another. Read carefully and know how to do it.

  • Title: This is the name or topic of your essay. It should be written in a catchy way that it attracts the attention of the intended reader. In the process of writing the title, the main part of speech–noun, adjective, adverb, and longer verbs–should be capitalized while the others should be in small letters. Then it should be underlined or italicized depending on the directive of the teacher or lecturer.
  • Introduction: For this, in informative essay, you go straight to the point in introducing your topic and what you intend to do in the essay. The introductory part of the essay should include your topic (thesis statement), your intention in the essay and how you intend to fully explore the topic. This is usually just 1 paragraph and in 3 – 6 sentences..
  • Body: This is the main part of the essay where the you write your ideas about your topic in well-arranged paragraphs and your points and ideas well-stated. Your sentences should be well-structured and use different types of sentences. For all essay types, use unambiguous sentences. This can be 3, 5 or more paragraphs. If it is informational or informative essay, it is the body part of the essay, you state some of your findings.
  • Conclusion: This is where you wrap up what you have stated and have been stating. You make concluding statement stating your resolve, a summary of your key findings (the ones already stated in the body) and some recommendations . It is usually a paragraph or two of 4 – 10 sentences.

It is important you note that to be good at essay writing, we insist that you should read and practise and read and practise.

How to write an Informative or Informational Essay?

If you read and understood the how to write essay format above, you should use the procedure in getting to write about informational essay. You follow the procedure and then some of the steps that would be outlined below.

The steps which would be outlined below are steps to take in researching and writing the essay while the how to write the essay format above will guide you on how to write it.

What are the steps to consider before or during the writing of informative or informational essay?
  • You choose a research problem and a topic. Possibly, you should consider providing information in a sector or topic that hasn’t been worked on before.
  • You collect relevant materials or thoughts on the topic.
  • After gathering backdrop and material on the topic, certifying that it’s a topic people haven’t worked on or provided same thought as you, you begin to write.
  • For informational or informative essay, write in simple language, short sentences, interactive and friendly tone. Your paragraphs should be short of about 3 – 5 paragraphs each.
  • Your work should follow and the sentences and paragraphs perfectly linked with link words such as moreover, however, in addition, secondly, thirdly and many more.
  • Be creative with language, use a mixture of sentences types and arrangement of words.
  • Importantly, you should have great content (state very good points).
  • Lastly, your introduction and conclusion should be well-written and very solid.


How to write an essay format or informational or informative essay should not be a problem if you read and understood this post. It doesn’t take much to understand and know how to write an essay format or informative essay. If you follow the right steps you should know how to do it.

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