How to Write an Essay for Kids

Essay writing for kids could be complicated and tasking if it is not handled well. Thus, if you are the kid or a parent, you should know how to handle essay writing for kids properly. Just like an adult writing an essay, you should follow the right guidelines and procedures to get it right. This is why, we’ll be looking at how to write an essay for kids in this post.

Are you a kid reading this post? Do you need to write an essay for your assignment or test? This post is the right guide for you. We’ll take it step by step in explaining all that has to do with the topic.

First of all, we’ll be discussing the details that has to do with an essay.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that appears in sentences and paragraphs. It is used to send a message to people. When people read your essay, they get the message you are sharing, or understand what you want to say. Thus, your essay should be clear and understandable.

What are the Uses of an Essay? 

Essay, as a piece of writing, has many uses. The uses of an essay include:

  • Essay conveys a message.
  • It passes relevant pieces of information.
  • It is also a study of a strange thing. This study means you look at a concept, get to know more things about it by studying and examining it, and then you write about it.

What makes a Good Essay? 

There are qualities a good essay has. These qualities include that it must be well-arranged in a way that topic comes first, followed by introduction, body and conclusion.

That is it should follow this arrangement below:

  • Topic: It comes at the top. You write it in Capital Letters, and make it to be at the centre. You don’t underline it.
  • Introduction: This is the first paragraph that starts and presents your essay. It should be short.
  • Body: This comes after the first paragraph. It goes into details about the topic, exposing more things about the topic.
  • Conclusion: This is the last paragraph. It wraps up or rounds off your essay by stating your final point and conclusion.

There are also other qualities of a good essay. You should know them and obey them. These qualities are:

  • A good essay should be written in perfect and correct English.
  • The grammar, punctuation, arrangement, and capitalization in the essay, should be correct.
  • The essay should talk about the topic very well. Do not write essays that are off the point.

What are the Types of Essay?

There are four main types:

  • Narrative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Expository Essay

How to Write an Essay for Kids

You can write essay for kids following a particular procedure and process. As a kid, you stick the rules we have mentioned earlier in this post, and then follow this procedures below:

First Step: You get the topic given to you. You also get the instructions given by your teacher.

Second Step: You go home, and ask your older ones or parents questions about the topic.

Third Step: You read books or browse online about things that will help you understand the topic better.

Fourth Step: You get a paper or your assignment and test book, and begin to write the essay. Remember, the topic comes first at the top, then the introduction before the body, and the conclusion.

Fifth Step: You give the essay to your parents, older ones, or anyone that can help, to make corrections.

Sixth Step: You read the essay again before you submit to your teacher.

It is IMPORTANT you know that you have to write in good English, stick to all grammar rules, use punctuation marks, follow the good essay structure, and submit your essay on time to your teacher.

Example of an Essay for Kid

Essay Question: Write an essay about your school

St. Monica Nursery and Primary School, Mexico

The name of my school is St. Monica Nursery and Primary School, Mexico. It is at the center of the city. It is a school managed by Reverend Fathers and Sisters. It was founded in 2001, and since then, it has been a shining light.

The first thing you’ll notice about my school is that it is big. There are three tall buildings in the school compound. These buildings are painted white. There are flowers and trees planted, in rows, all over the school compound.

The school has good and hard-working teachers. My teacher’s name is Mr Brown. Mr Brown says he studied at Harvard, and he teaches very well. The other teachers went to good school. I love my teachers.

There are other good things about my school. We have big ICT room, phonics room, sick bay, and a good playground. There is nothing that a school should have that my school doesn’t have.

I love my school very much. It makes other pupils and I smart. When I meet people from other schools, I tell them how proud I am of my school.


How to write essay for kids is not a difficult thing to do. You just have to follow the right and proper procedures. When you get it right, then you get good marks for yourself.

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