How to Write an Essay about a Book

Writing an essay about a book might be an action that students would be afraid to take. It is a difficult task if you ask them. First, they complain about reading the book before they complain about writing the essay itself. They may not know where they would be making mistakes. This is why, in this post, we present a better way of how to write an essay about a book.

You should know that this essay about a book is an important part of a book’s growth because without essays about a book, a lot of readers won’t know about the book. In different times, the essay can come as a book review, a critical analysis of the book, or simply a basic essay.

In this post, we’ll be treating this topic, and its is actually a basic essay about a book. The importance of this type of essay lies in the sense that good essays helps one sell his or her books. It contributes in the marketing of your books, as an author, and without that, your books might not be sold as high as you want it to be sold. So, writing essays about a book is very important.

How to Write an Essay about a Book

Here, we’ll be giving you a good guide on how to write an essay about book. How do you write a basic essay on this and what guidelines do you follow?

  • A basic essay about a book shouldn’t be more than 1000 words. This kind of essay is usually published on blogs or sent as an editorial piece to daily magazines and papers.
  • You have to make sure you have read the book fully and understood it very well before writing the essay.
  • The essay should be written in a formal conversational tone telling the reader about the book, some of the details it contains and what to expect.
  • It should have a catching title. For instance, A Book of Regrets and Sorrow: An Essay and my Thought about William Fred’s Sunshades in the Rain.
  • While writing, reveal only few details about the book, and make your essay engaging so as to make the reader want to read the book.
  • You should be balanced in your review or analysis of what the book contains. Tell the readers the good and the bad aspects without making the book look bad. In fact, since it is an essay and not a review, speak more about the good side of the book and encourage readers to read and find out themselves.
  • Use very few adjectives and adverbs in your essay.
  • Make sure your sentences and paragraphs are concise and engaging. The concluding paragraph should be more engaging and with a call to action to the readers to take action and read the books themselves.

You should note that as an author or intending author, essays about your book are as important as your entire book. These essays are what markets your book to a very wide audience letting them make a choice of whether to read your book or not. If you are an independent author and you’re serious about knowing how to write a best seller with one touch, then you should take essays about your books seriously.


You should know that the more essays about your book people get to read, the more they would love to read the book. Essays shape the mind of the reader. We, therefore, encourage indie writers to take it seriously, invest in it if they have the money, and know how to write an essay about a book. It helps out a lot.

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