How to Write an Argumentative Essay Introduction

Argumentative essay should have good and intriguing introduction. This is because it is how well you start the essay that would determine if the reader would read the essay more to get to understand the points you are presenting. The introduction should be good in all ramifications to usher in the reader to grab the concept of the essay. This is why you should know how to write an argumentative essay introduction.

There should be a hook in this introduction coupled with this introduction should bear the thesis statement of the essay. There are ways you should write this to get it right. You have to get it right to be able to convince the reader to read more in the essay and discover the points you’re about to lay.

The things you should follow or do right are below:

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Introduction

Use of Active Voice: This is the most important characteristics to be found in your argumentative essay introduction. There has to be the presence and use of the active voice. You cannot be trying to persuade or convince someone to gon reading your essay when you use passive voice. It is active voice that is good enough for persuasion.

Short Sentences: You have to endeavor to use short sentences as you are writing this introduction. These short sentences should be good and enough to convince the readers to get your book published. You are encouraged to use more of simple sentences, and little of complex sentences.

Short Paragraph: As you use short sentences, you should also strive to make your introduction a short paragraph. Your paragraph in the introduction should not be more than four sentences, averagely three sentences. Longer paragraphs would bore and sicken the readers.

Persuasive and Conversational Tone: Your tone in the writing should be persuasive and conversational. You don’t have to go on in the introduction just persuading the reader without being conversational. You have to be persuasive and conversational to be able to keep the reader glued to your essay and also to be able to convince them.

Content: The content of the introduction should be the hook sentence, thesis sentence, and how the argument would go in the rest of the essay. The main point of the content is that you should try to convince the reader your argument is well-formed and valid.

Example of an Argumentative Essay Introduction

I write in support of the motion that promoting rights to gun ownership is better than banning gun in the United States. This is on the backdrop of the increase in the spate of gun violence in the United States. There have been several debates as to whether gun should be banned or not. I write to state that banning gun would do more harm than good.


How to write an argumentative essay introduction should be your main concern as you set out to write your argumentative essay. The introduction determines how good your essay would turn out. This is why it is advised you write it well to maximize the idea of getting good grades in your essay.

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