How to Write an Analytic Essay

An analytic essay is sometimes considered as a difficult essay to write, meanwhile it is not that difficult when you know how to write it and the best way to do it. You simply have to know what this type of essay is all about, and how to go about writing it. Once you know, and deliver what is needed with this type of essay, you are sure to have a good mark in your school work or get that essay published. So, in this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write an analytic essay.

Before we fully go on how to write an analytic essay, you should get to know more details about the this type of essay. You should know also and read (How to Write a Good Essay) to get to know how best to write any essay.

What is an Analytic Essay?

Analytic essay is the type of essay that sets out in analyzing variations of ideas. These ideas could be a book, a public statement, a person, a movie, a concept and so many things. Any essay you write where you are analyzing any idea or concept at all then it is an analytic essay. Analytic essays are highly critical and intellectually sapping.

What is Analysis and Good Analysis?

Analysis is the act of interpreting or scrutinizing an idea or subject. A good analysis is the one where there is full and balanced interpretation or scrutinization of the subject matter. When making analysis, your points should be valid and clear–that is good analysis.

What is a good Analytic Essay?

A good analytic essay is the one that is well-written and obeys all the rules of essay writing. When writing this kind of essay, you have to be critical and analytical in thinking. It should be a total and comprehensive analysis of your subject matter and idea.

What Topics or Fields are connected to Analytic Essay?

A good number of topics and fields are connected or related to analytic essay. However, analytic essays are mostly needed in the arts and social sciences courses and field if it is at college level. For high school level, this type of essay is needed in the subjects of English Language, Literature, Religious Studies, History, Economics, and a few others. It is also need in varieties of topics.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on writing analytic essays in English and Literature subjects and fields. You can also use that template to write in other fields.

How to Write Analytic Essay

Before you read this, bear it in mind that we assumed you must have read our how to write an essay, so we would just be giving you guidelines relating to analytic essay alone below.

First Step: When you get the topic, you begin to make your findings surrounding the topic. You can make this finding by browsing online or visiting your school library or elsewhere.

Second Step: You should gather files and other resources from the places you made the findings. Then, you write these files or material sources down.

Third Step: You start to write. Write the title of the essay based on what you are given to write or the topic you chose for yourself. Introduce what you want to do, state your discoveries, and then you write the conclusion based on the topic. You thoroughly and objectively analyze the subject matter–this is very important.

Fourth Step: You should stick to the topic–do not go beyond the topic or away from the topic. Your grammar should be correct. The structure of the topic should be good and nice.

Fifth Step: You should bear it in mind that in analytic essay, you do more of analysis. So, your mind should be focused on the analysis you are set to do. Analyze the subject matter or idea constructively and objectively. Scoring high in this type of essay depends on how well you analyze the subject matter and your points.

Sixth Step: You should edit your essay after writing. While editing, state the points you have missed, and correct your grammar and spelling. You can as well remove other needless words and sentences.

Furthermore, you should endeavor not to make your essay monotonous; you should use varieties of words. Avoid all forms of unnecessary and excess repetition. For instance, change words and use similar words like in “because” exposed below.

Another Word for Because in an Essay

Instead of being monotonous and repeatedly using words like because, you can use words like “owing,” “consequently,” and “accordingly.” These are another word for because in an essay. You don’t have to keep using because when they are another word for because in an essay.

Example of Analytic and Analysis Essay

The example we have here is a long excerpt of the analysis of Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days focusing on the aspect of widowhood practices in the novel. It is presented below.

Widowhood Practices in Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days

Lonely Days takes on a different path of story line, choosing to focus on the plight of widows in Kufi. Yaremi is singled out as the central character, or the point of attraction. It is through Yaremi that the widowhood practices in Lonely Days are better exposed and explored. Aside Yaremi, there are also other characters that are used to represent these widowhood practices and how they play their roles in the lives of these women.

In this text, different forms of widowhood practices are represented. Through the actions and interactions of the characters, these widowhood practices are made known to the readers. The plot of the text progresses and reflects thoroughly and widely spread widowhood practices in Kufi, the setting of the text.

Yaremi, like every other widow, at first is exposed to the shock and sadness that comes from the loss of a loved one and husband. This is her first experience as a widow. She comes to term with the reality of her widowhood–the absence of her love and her husband. The text represents it as this,

Now alone in the world, Yaremi was left to prepare heaps and raise crops, all by herself – labouring hour after hour, under the sweltering heat. She had to cut the bushes around the family compound, and appeal to the village men, especially to Uncle Deyo, Ajumobi’s bosom friend to assist in mending the leaking roof and rebuilding the falling walls of her mud house. (5)

Yaremi comes to term with the absence of her husband. For the first time since she had been married to Ajumobi, her husband, she would be needing the help of someone to do things for her. These are things and actions her husband would have done for her if he was alive. Yaremi is in pain due to this, her husband’s absence is felt and she has to come around it. This is her first step and introduction to widowhood.

Her sole companion and source of joy missing, she immerses herself in other duties to keep herself occupied. She has to take up tasks to fill the day and take the loneliness out of her. Yaremi’s daily activities after Ajumobi’s passing is recorded as, “For Yaremi, it was now work, work and work – a workaholic! The will to survive was there, putting determination into her bones and vigour into her nerves … And gradually, she began to accustom herself to hard fact that she really was a widow,” (11).

In another instance, the text also represents the situation of Yaremi and her encounter with loneliness after her husband’s demise. The absence of her husband leads to the transfer of most of her time and energy to work. Work becomes a substitute for the family she lacks at the moment. The narrator writes, “work to Yaremi had become medicine against loneliness and frustration; a close fight to fatigue and boredom with; a cushion for daily lives.” (31)

Yaremi realizes that she is indeed a widow at the moment. Widowhood takes a different and new reality for her. All her life processes and plans are truncated for the kind of life she is to live as a widow. Her life takes on a different structure. The text further elaborates this change in her lifestyle as this,

That was what Yaremi’s life had become – now that her husband had died. Hot, fire to be handled with extreme care and caution, lest it burned and consumed everything. Fire up above, fire down below. She must be prepared to walk through fire, unscratched; the fire of life! (16)

The widows just as soon as they had started their lives of widowhood, they do not only come to realize their loneliness, they also come to realize the ostracising nature of their new lives. The community views them as beings outside the sphere of life of the entire community. It is like being widows have made them different set of humans from the regular humans in the community.


How to write analytic essay shouldn’t be difficult if you know what to do and how to go about it. You should have it in your mind that you are doing an analysis and it should be done well. While doing your analysis and writing about it in the essay, you should obey all the rules of grammar and essay writing.

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