How to Write Acknowledgement for Thesis

How to write acknowledgement for thesis is not really a difficult thing to do. In fact, writing acknowledgement for thesis should be one of the least things to worry you. We have a post on thesis writing (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper) that will guide you in writing your thesis.

Writing acknowledgement should be the least of your worries. It is one of the last contents or things you should write for your thesis, and on the average, it shouldn’t be longer than a page. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write it, but firstly, we’ll start with knowing what is a thesis and acknowledgement.

What is a Thesis? How to Write a Thesis Sentence?

A thesis has different meaning. For one, it can be considered as a research statement. This means it is a statement guiding your research writing. For instance, if you are researching about Tuberculosis in Southern Africa as a topic, then your thesis (research statement) would be The effects and damages of Tuberculosis in Southern Africa.

In another way, thesis is also a piece of research writing expected of a university student as part of his or her requirements on the course of his or her study. In the past, thesis is used to represent the research writing of university student at master’s degree level; however, at the moment, thesis is a piece of research writing for all levels of university education.

What is Acknowledgement for a Thesis?

An acknowledgement for a thesis or in a thesis is when you try to represent the people who in one way or another aided your thesis writing. It is when you try to acknowledge their help and contribution to the success of your thesis. It does not take more than a page. It is usually short and direct.

How to Write Acknowledgement for Thesis

Knowledge of who you want to Acknowledge: The first step to writing an acknowledgement for a thesis is having the knowledge of who you want to acknowledge. It could be your family, supervisor, friends, course mates, or just anybody. You have them in mind.

Knowledge of what they Contributed in your Thesis: Then, you should have what and how they contributed to your thesis in your mind. For instance, when acknowledging your supervisor, you can write about the great contribution he or she made to your supervision. If you are a Nigerian university student, then it is very pertinent you acknowledge your supervisor.

Knowledge on how to write the Acknowledgement: The last one is that you should know how to write the acknowledgement, and also where to put it in your thesis. It should be in essay format with a title, and it should be as part of the preliminary pages of your thesis.

In fact, the acknowledgement page comes after title page, approval page and dedication in your preliminary pages. Below, we’ll be giving you example of how to write acknowledgement for a thesis. The first thing is the centered title before the write up comes up.

Example of the Acknowledgement


I would love to acknowledge my family, who worked hard to see that I finish with this program. I want to appreciate my friends and mentors, may your goodness never die for helping me out in various ways. I would also love to appreciate my supervisor for guiding me well.

Finally, I appreciate my dogged self for not giving up. There were times I was on the verge of giving up but it didn’t happen. It’s a good one for me.


How to write acknowledgement for thesis shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. You just get the people you want to acknowledge in your mind, and then you begin writing. It doesn’t take much.

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