How to Write a Story with Dialogue

Writing a story is not that hard, and even writing a story with dialogue is not hard at all. Writing a story with dialogue is one of the easiest things you can come up with. One, you imagine the characters are people you know, imagine they are in a real-life conversation, and boom, the story just flows like that. Here, we’ll be treating how to write a story with dialogue.

Before we go head on into the details of the post. You have to read our (How to Write a Good Story) to get to know the rudiments of a good story writing. It is by knowing the rudiments of good story writing that you come to terms of how a story should be written and what is requested.

You should note that knowing how to write a story with dialogue is very important. This is because dialogue is an important part of a story. A story having a good dialogue means the story would flow, and the ideal and theme of the story won’t be lost. Thus, it is important you read and understand this our how to write a story with dialogue.

Before we go into the details of the post, we’ll be presenting the details of a dialogue by answering related questions to it.

What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is the conversation between two or more characters in a story, a play or a movie script. Sometimes, even dialogue is inserted in some other pieces of writing like poem, non-fiction, motivational books, articles and so on. However, dialogue is more common in creative pieces involving characters like stories, plays and movies.

What makes a Good Dialogue?

A good dialogue has to be really conversational, interactive and real. This means that the characters interacting should do it in a believable way, and the conversation between them should flow like it is a real-life conversation. The characters should speak differently, and not the same, according to their educational level, wealth background and location as characters in the writing.

How Important is Dialogue in a Story?

A dialogue is very important in a story. This is the reason why it is advised that dialogues must be present in any story. Without dialogue, the story would be hard to read and really bore the reader to death. Furthermore, the characters in a story without dialogue would be lifeless.

Thus, it is very important dialogues are included in a story to make it entertaining, engaging, and easy to read.

How to Write a Story with Dialogue

Get Story Idea: The first step to writing a story with dialogue is getting the story idea. You get the story idea you want to write on, and then you begin to develop it.

Choose the Setting and Message: The next step after getting the story idea is choosing the setting and the message of your story. It is by choosing the setting and message of your story that you get to know the type of characters that would be needed for your story.

Create the Characters: After getting the idea and choosing the setting and message(s), then you create the characters that would embolden the setting and message of the story. The characters should be well-created and developed. You can do this by imagining they are people you know.

Create them perfectly by their age, occupation, mannerisms, characteristics, physical outlook and so many others. The way they act and speak should be different. Each character should be unique.

Amplify Characters’ Description or Describe them well: When introducing the characters, ensure they are well described. Imagine how they look, how they speak, how they act, how they relate with other characters, their passions and dislikes and so many other features. This is to enable you know how to create good dialogue and enable them speak well and believably.

Create Good Dialogue: After perfectly describing the characters, the next thing you should do is creating good dialogue. The characters, when speaking to themselves, should do so believably. They should speak as if they are alive, and differently, each championing his or her own goals.

To make them speak differently, you can add different words they repeat to themselves when speaking.


How to write a story with dialogue is not a difficult thing to do if you know the right things to do and how to go about them. The easiest way is imagining and building characters of your story around people you know. Then, you can easily create conversational and believable dialogue.

Example of How to Write a Story with Dialogue

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