How to Write a Story in the First Person

Writing a story in the first person is one of the commonest ways stories are written. Writing a story in the first person makes it easier for the writer for it seems the writer is narrating his or her own story, and so, the story flows. One of the first things you must know is how to write a story in the first person.

Knowing how to write a story in the first person helps you deliver the story perfectly and better. This is not what should take so much of your time or energy. It is easy to write stories in first person, and we would be guiding you in this post on how to do it.

However, before we delve into the topic fully, we’ll be discussing related questions connecting to the topic.

What is First Person Narrative Technique?

When you hear a story written in the first person, it simply means first person narrative technique. This means a story narrated from the point of view of a character in the story. This type of narrative technique has to do with the first person pronoun in form of the repeated use of “I, we, us, me,” and many more. It is told from the angle of a character, mostly the main character.

What is Narrative Technique? 

Narrative technique is the point of view the story is narrated. This means whether it is narrated through the first, second or third person point of view. Narrative technique is how the story told through the narrator. The other name for Narrative technique is Point of View.

What are the Types of Narrative Technique? 

There are three different types of narrative technique:

First Person (I, we, us, ours, me, mine …)

Second Person (You, yours …)

Third Person (He, she, they, them, theirs, hers, his, her …)

When writing a story, using one narrative technique doesn’t mean others don’t appear in your story, they do appear, but not as much as the narrative technique in use.

How to Write a Story in the First Person?

These are what you should follow or obey to write a story in first person fully.

  • Knowledge of Story Writing: You should have good knowledge of story writing first before trying to write one. Know how to do the plotting, the development of the characters, and many more. Read (How to Write a Good Story) to learn
  • Develop the Plot and Characters: If you know the knowledge of story writing, then the next aspect is to develop your plot and characters. It is when this plot and characters are fully developed that you get to decide which character becomes the first person narrator.

When choosing a first person narrator in your story, it should be a vital person in the story, possibly someone who participates in all the events to be represented in the story.

  • Write the Story like it happened to You: This is where the story flows, and you give a heart warming story your readers would enjoy. See the narrator as you, or through your eyes, then you would get to know that it be better written. When you write a story personal to you, you tend to flow more or give better details.
  • Originality: Your narration and what makes up the whole story should be original. Your story and voice should be unique. It should be what makes you who you are. Readers love reading original stories with original theme and voice.
  • Universal and Good Theme: Regardless of how close the story is to you, it should have universal and good theme to make your story marketable to awards and readers.

Example of a First Person Narrative Technique Story

Below, we will present an excerpt of a first person narrator story.

The new environment I came into looked dangerous.  How could a college be in the middle of a jungle? It was indeed absurd and unheard of. My mother chose the college for me because of its popularity and standard. It was the best school in the east, the school with defined discipline, a school with seasoned teachers, and a cheap school. But I wondered why the school had to be in the jungle.

I walked through the hostel way, surveying my new environment. The college had nice structures and a really good natural environment. “But why in a jungle?” I asked myself, staring out of the hostel. I stared at a dry frond of a short coconut tree, which rustled beside the hostel window. The hostel was empty at that time — the silence of the empty hostel was only disturbed by the whistling wind.

“We are welcome to college,” Furia said. He came up, standing beside. He took a deep breath, raising his face onto the brown old ceiling. “We will enjoy here. It would be a place where our minds will be at peace.” He turned to me smiling, he always smiled foolishly.

Furia came up with the stench of hate and anger. He came up suddenly, and then the new air of the college twisted into something else. He took the shape of a grown man in his late forties, but there were so much wrinkles on his face that one would think he was eighty or older. He was not close to me, but I could feel his fake heart beat and the odor that clung to him. We were one with the other, something like people who were inseparable.


How to write a story in first person is not that hard if you know the procedures and what to do. You simply have to take the story like you are in the story and it is your story, and it has to be original. Once it is like this, your story would flow and it would turn out well.

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