How to Write a Project Communication Plan

A project communication plan for school work or research project is the plan you have for keeping the communication process between you, the researcher, and the supervisor. It is also the plan on how to effectively communicate with other bodies who would help out with the plan. Thus, it is important you have a plan. This is why this post will be guiding you on how to write a project communication plan.

For getting to write this or you’re planning to write this, there are steps and elements you should obey in writing this. These steps and elements facilitate a successful and quicker completion of your project. Get to know them in the section below.

How to Write a Project Communication Plan

Establish a Communication Channel: The moment you get to know who your project supervisor and guider is, you should quickly establish a communication channel. It is through this channel you get to know when to get in touch with him or her as regularly as you want.

Set Constant Meeting Point and Time: You can plead for constant meeting point and time from him or her. It can be once or twice a week or any time that is comfortable for you both. This meeting point and time is where you discuss details and progress of the project.

Show Commitment and Hard Work: You have to show commitment and hard work for your supervisor to be accepting of your demands and needs for your project. It is when you show enough commitment and hard work that your supervisor listens to you and follows up regularly in your progress.

Knowledge of your Project Planning: You have to plan your project well. You also have to let your supervisor know of your plans. While writing this project communication plan, you have to put your planning in mind. It is very necessary. When are you set to finish your project? How will you execute your project? Which kind of research will make it better for you?

Removal of Time Wastage: When writing this, you also have to be careful in the aspect of time wastage. You should have all forms of time wastage methods or things in mind, and endeavor to mark them for avoidance. Avoiding them should make the project completion time faster and easier.

Thus, while writing this, put these elements into it in simple terms:

Channel of communication

Time of meeting with concerned individuals

Project plan

Level of work and commitment

Activities and actions to avoid to prevent time wastage

The Format a project communication plan is like that of a regular essay. It should have a title, a body, and a conclusion. In the body, you write about your plans and all like we have stated in this post already. The plan write up shouldn’t be more than two pages. You can submit to your supervisor to go through when you finish writing it.


How to write a project communication plan is not a hard nut to crack. You can do this in a simple way if you have the knowledge of how to do it. Once it is done, it is easy to get your project work completed.

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