How to write a Good Story

A Good Story

How do I write a good story or how do one know a good story is one of the important questions writers ask. Since there are many people into writing these days, knowing what is a good story and how to develop it is one of the best features that make one a good writer. Being able to write a good story makes a good writer.

It’s no news than surviving as a writer these days is difficult and tasking as there are many competitions out there. Many people are writing, and to be outstanding, one must be very good at it and beat others in creativity, style and other features of good writing. If you’re reading this means you really want to know what makes a good story, how to write one and how to recognize one.

This post will take you through the qualities that make up a good story and the procedures you’ve to take to get a good story or recognize one. Before we move on to the qualities, procedures and features, we’d be going through relevant questions related to the topic. They are below:

What is a story?

A story is often a narration of events that may or may not have happened. It is a narration of events often involving the chronological arrangement of these events. A story that happened is termed biographical or non-fiction, while the other that is made up is fiction. These events are arranged and presented creatively. A story might be of any length.

What is a short story?

This is a story that is fiction and is short. It is usually about 1500 – 10,000 words. It is brief with one to five characters, (mostly) a single setting and very few themes. It has a single plot. It is usually not long or expanded.

Who is a good story writer?

A good story writer is one who knows the qualities of a good story and adheres to the qualities in the course of writing his or her story. A good story writer writes story that fits qualities of good stories and with themes that are long-lasting and universal. A good story writer mustn’t really win an award to be good.

What are the types of stories?

As it has been written stories usually contain narration of events. These events are chronologically arranged, and thus flow simultaneously, and as a complete unit they are complete and easily understandable. Thus, you must know that there are different types of stories in a wide range of genre and branches.

Stories can be found in novels, films, folktales, video games, plays, movies or documentaries about real life people and many more. Anything that has narration of events well laid out and structured is a story. There are also genres considered as types such as thriller, literary, fantasy, romance, erotica, crime and many more.

What is a bad story?

A bad story is simply any story that is badly written. This bad story doesn’t have majority of the features of a good story. Bad stories have bad character development, bad plot/arrangement of narration of events, bad description of setting, bad theme presentation and all that contravenes a good story. When a layman reads a bad story, he can easily detect it but how unfinished, unsatisfying and unoriginal the story is.

Therefore you must do all that you can do to avoid making a bad story. If your concern is how do I write a good story or how do one know a good story is one, what we capture below should guide you in making a good story.

What are the features of a good story? What is a good story? 

There are several features and characteristics you should look out for when writing a story so that your story can come out good. Take time to read them below and get to note them. If it’s achievable, obey or keep to all the features. Check them out below:

  • Good Plot/Arrangement of Events: You should have a well-structured narration of events/plots. Thus, the events should be so well arranged that event A truly leads to event B and B leads to C. This well-structured narration of events should increase in tempo and movement leading to the highest point in the story known as climax and a decline in intensity of actions.

Thus it’s advised that once you get story ideas, you should start formulating the plot (how the narration of the events would go). Your narration of events should be believable and well-arranged to suit the kind of story you’re creating.

  • Character Development: In developing your stories, your characters should be well-developed. Characters are very important features in answering you how do I write a good story or how do one know a good story questions. The characters in your story should be well-developed and easy to identify by the audience.

It’s actually better you start off with using the real people you know as models for character creation. The way your character speak and act should be part of the general development of the story and they should be believable.

  • Universal and Unique Theme: To write a good story, you should also focus on writing a story built around a universal and unique message (theme). Stories with this kind of theme do better and are generally more accepted.
  • Lyrical Language: A good story should have a beautiful and outstanding use of language. This means, in common man’s term, that language used in writing your story should be lyrical (sing). A good story should have rhythm like poetry or music.

You should write in a beautiful and creative language.

  • Creativity and Imagination: One of the most important features of a good story is that it should be unique. The most important way it should be unique is that your creativity and imagination should be different from all that has been seen and it should be top-notch. Good stories that are relevant for long are crafted in wonderful creativity and imagination.
  • Setting: The setting should be well-presented in such a way that the characters feel alive in it. It is advised that while the narration and the actions of the story is ongoing, the setting should be talked about little by little until it is fully realized. The characters should be alive and live in the setting. You should note that the setting is the historical, social and economic place a story occurs.
  • Suspense: A good story should have engaging chain of events that makes the reader looking out for more. A good story should make the reader sit on the edge of his/her seat. You can create a story filled with suspense by taking time to create and twist your plot. Throw surprises and twists at the reader to make your story continuously engaging.

There should also be other good qualities in a good story like good dialogue among characters, good description, poetic language and many others. However, you must note that the most important set of qualities is what we present here, and adhering to most of them would give you an outstanding story. You should do your best to keep to them.

Then, your next worry should be what are the right steps/procedures to follow to write great stories. If you are concerned about how do I write a good story or how do one know a good story, then these steps and procedures should guide you on bringing up an excellent story:

What are the steps and process of writing a good story?

  • Get the idea of the story. Make sure the idea is unique, creative and very imaginative.
  • Create the plot/structure of the story.
  • Develop the perfect setting and characters for the story.
  • Choose the style (language and type of narration) you’d utilize in the story.
  • Stay away from all you have chosen for a while (a week to some months).
  • Begin writing after the break. When writing a masterpiece or good story, you don’t rush it. Give yourself a target and make sure every sentence is beautiful. Stories that end up doing well take time to mature and come forth.
  • Don’t edit until you are done writing the first draft. Then stay away from the manuscript for a while (a week to some months).
  • Get back to the manuscript and read it in full before you begin editing and making changes.
  • Edit it again and again and again (as many times as you can).
  • Hand out the manuscripts to fellow writers, editors family members and friends to get their views and correction. Weigh their decisions and make changes that best suits the manuscript.
  • Read it for the final time before sending it out.


How do I write a good story or how do one know a good story shouldn’t be much of a problem if you know the right things to do and the right steps to follow. You should take your time to make sure your story comes out excellent as there’s a lot of competition out there for writers. To be able to be recognized and stand out, your story should be excellent in all ways.

You want to write a play, a movie script, a novel, a short story, a biography, and anything that has to do with storytelling? Then, sticking to the qualities mentioned and following the right steps is the best. Make a great story and watch its effects.

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