How to Write a Ghost Story

Writing a ghost story is not difficult. It all comes down to how good of a story writer you are. The foremost thing you should note about how to write a ghost story is that you should know the rudiments of story writing. What makes a good story? Read our (How to Write a Good Story) to get to know the rudiments of a good story.

The first set of good characteristics of a good ghost story is that the story has to be realistic, imaginative and scary. Except it is a ghost story that is not meant to scare people; however, if it is meant to scare people, it has to be scary and imaginative. Your ghost story has to be realistic to some points, too, or else the readers would dump the story.

There are steps you should take in writing a ghost story, and when writing, you should ensure you make it the best and very popular. The steps you must follow are below:

How to Write a Ghost Story

Get a Story Idea: You must get a good ghost story idea before you set out on writing one. The story idea must be interesting, highly imaginative, creative and realistic. Depending on whether you want to be scary or not, if you want it to be scary, then it should be scary. The ghost story idea you have should be the one never written before.

We advise you take your time to develop your ideas, and vet them before settling for one.

Create and Flesh the Characters: The next step in your ghost story writing is to create the characters that would take part in the story. The non-ghost characters should be closely related to humans in speech and action while the ghost characters should have human attributes and be believable. If you intend your ghost characters to be scary, then make them to be very scary and uncanny.

Each character should be unique and distinct. Two ghosts shouldn’t be the same at all.  

Choose Scary and Abandoned Locations as Setting: In writing ghost stories, you should ensure you choose scary and abandoned locations as the setting, especially if the places are popular. It can be an old castle or an abandoned monastery. People love to read ghost stories that would make their skin crawl.

Create the Plot: Once, you have the idea, the next thing should be how to create the plot and storyline. Make a reasonable storyline, and ensure the plot is the ascending order of events type of plot. It should be engaging and believable.

To make the plot creation easier for you, you should divide them into chapters and parts, and develop the chapters and parts further before writing.

Theme/Message Choice: Your theme/choice can be on anything related to ghost; however, you should try as best as possible to avoid cliche and repeated messages and themes. If it is possible, write on unique theme and message.

Suspense and Intrigues: No story should hold the reader spell-bound like a ghost or horror story. Thus, you should make sure your ghost story is full of intrigues and suspense. Put the non-ghost characters in the way of dangers, make them struggle for survival, make your reader gasp for air, that’s what a good ghost story achieves.

The formula for achieving this is that the principalities against the main characters should be way greater than them.

End the Story with Intrigues: The story, on ending, shouldn’t happen just flat. There should be intrigues there. It should be an ending the readers do not expect. This is what makes a good ghost story because a good ghost story shouldn’t make the readers happy or fulfilled.


How to write a ghost story is not a difficult thing to do if you know how to do it right. Writing a good ghost story is dependent on how you know the elements of story writing, what makes a good story, and how to plan and execute a good ghost story. It doesn’t take too much to meet up, it’s all about your own knowledge and zeal.

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