How to Write a Formal Letter (Do my Assignment)

How to write a formal letter and do my assignment is the major preoccupation of most students and people as they struggle to write formal letter and do their assignments. Letter writing is one important subject that people won’t stop talking about. Even though most people use cell phones and send tons of messages online, letter writing is still an important aspect in human communication.

Unlike in the past where people just had to write letters to get across to their loved ones or other people, in the modern time, people don’t have to write letters as the only way of connecting to their loved ones other people. There are various ways through which people can connect to their loved ones these days. Internet plays a great role in giving many platforms to people as ways through which people can connect.

However, this doesn’t mean that letters are not written now. Formal letters are still needed especially in the case of job application or sending an official document in your place of work or doing one official government action. Formal letters are still very important in human communication. Its counterpart, informal letter is no longer as relevant as formal.

What is formal letter?

Formal letter is a type of letter written to someone in an official position and conveying important official message. This is as against informal that is sent to someone who might be relative or just close, and who is not in an official position. Formal letter is important and carries very good content.

Formal letter contains two addresses, a title, the body and message you wish to convey and the closure. The language of formal letter is very serious and no ungrammatical expression should be used. Your language and writing should be indifferent and unemotional in the letter. It should also be straight-to-the-point and matter-of-fact. It is not like other writing types that go on and on.

To know how to write a formal letter and do my assignment, you must know that formal letter is different from other writing types, very official and has its separate features.

What are the features of formal letter?

The features of formal letter distinguishes it from other writing types. Through these features, you would know how to write a formal letter. The features are listed below:

  • Addresses: A formal letter has two addresses–sender’s and receiver’s. The first one is the sender’s address and it is by the right hand side close the right writing borderline. It should either be in block format or slanted. It can also be punctuated or not punctuated. However, we encourage you to have your addresses punctuated and in block format.

The sender’s address contains different items and each of them takes a separate lines. These items include

  • Exact location, example 10, Hardison Street,
  • Town, example Ikeja,
  • State, example Lagos State,
  • Country (if it’s an international letter), example Nigeria.
  • NOTE: You should give a small space before you wrote the date, examples include 12th December, 2021 or 12/12/21 or 12 December 2021

The second address is the receiver’s and should be the official address of the office you’re sending it to. It comes at the left hand side beside the left borderline, and a line below the sender’s address. It also contains different items and every one of them takes a separate line and should be arranged chronologically. These items include

  • The official position of the receiver, example The Customer Care Personnel,
  • The name of the company, example EVURA,
  • Street address of the company, example Orba Road,
  • Town of the company, example Nsukka.
  • NOTE: You can include state and country of the office location if it’s an international letter. However, you don’t write date after this receiver’s address.
  • Salutation: This comes directly after the receiver’s address and is also at the left hand side close to the left borderline. It is simply Dear Sir, (if it is a man) and Dear Ma or Ma’am, (if it is a lady).
  • Body: This is the part of the letter that contains the major message of the letter. It is usually between 3 – 6 paragraphs but average of 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph should be the introduction of the subject matter of the letter, the middle paragraphs should be the message itself flowing between the paragraphs and well-coordinated message. The last paragraph is the conclusion.
  • Closure: This is where you finally felicitate or kind of bid farewell to the reader. It comes by the left or right borderline depending on what is accepted in your country. It has the following items:
  • Yours faithfully (felicitation)
  • J. I. E. (Signature)
  • Jacob, Isaac Emmanuel (full official name)


If you read this, and fully understand majority of what is written you’d get to know how to write a letter and do my assignment. Are you applying for a job or submitting something to the government or writing to any official position? This is the right letter for you. Remember, you’ve to make your language formal, your grammar very correct and your letter well-organized and well-written.

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