How to Write a Cover Page for an Essay

How to write a cover page for an essay is an easy thing to do if you know how to do it right. It is important to do this right because if it is done wrongly, you are likely to score low in that essay. This is because it is the first page your examiner sees. The structure, the grammar, the punctuation, everything about the cover page should be correct.

There are not much details needed in the cover page, so it should not be clustered with things that aren’t needed. You have to make it simple, short, and free from errors. You also have to make sure it follows the right structure demanded by your discipline. In most disciplines, the required structure is centering of the words on the cover page. You need to follow the guideline if that’s what needed of you.

Below, we’ll be presenting the guidelines in the proper way it should be done.

How to Write a Cover Page for an Essay

The details you will be needing for construction of your cover page as a college student (in the right order) are:

The name of your institution

Your faculty on campus

Your department or discipline

Topic of the essay


Your name

Your identification number/student number (if there is any)

The name of the lecturer or lecturers overseeing the course

The date you wrote the assignment

You should know that all these details cover the whole front page of your essay.

Example of an Essay Cover Page

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Faculty of Arts

Department of English and Literary Studies

Topic: A Literary Criticism of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations


Asogwa, Nneoma Juliana


Lecturer: Eneh, Emmanuel (PhD)

10th September 2022


How to write a cover page for an essay can be done right. You do this right by following the necessary guidelines and rules. You do all that is required of you, and then you make sure there are little or no errors in there. If you get this right, you have gotten a majority of your work right.

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