How to Write a College Admission Essay and an Autobiographical Novel Essay

How to write a college admission essay and an autobiographical novel essay is usually a source of worry for aspiring college students and other people. This is because admission essays are great determining factors on whether a student will be accepted into college or not. On the other hand, autobiographical novel essay focus on narration of real life stories of people in a creative way.

These two essay types are very important as they help the writer greatly in one way or another. The common thing between these essays is that they deal with the personal and creative life story of the writer. So, if you’re writing them, you should give your best.

You should be very creative when writing them. Make a good use of a beautiful language. You’ve to endeavor to write in good grammar. Everything that would make your essay stand out, please employ them in crafting this essay especially if it is an admission essay.

Before we move forward to explaining in details how these essays should be written, we’ll be answering related questions to make you understand the topic better.

What is a College Admission Essay?

A college admission essay is the essay a students who wants to get admitted to college writes to the admission official of the school he is interested in. These essays can be of any type and structure but it is mostly narrative and informational essays that get accepted. College admission essay should be the best piece of writing you can offer.

Summarily, a college admission essay is a well-written, captivating and unique essay you write to admission officials of a college as part of the requirements to getting admitted. It should be very good. However, how do you know a good college admission essay? Read the below tips and guides to find out

  • It should be very creative.
  • The subject or topic of the essay should be very unique. ;Let it be something or a subject the admission officials have never seen before.
  • It should be intriguing and captivating.
  • You follow the instructions of the school on how and what to write in your college essay for them.
  • It should be written in the best language, diction and style.
  • A college admission essay should be of your beautiful story that can be the challenges you have succumbed, your achievements, your hobbies, fascinating experiences in your life and strange things you find exciting.
  • It should be well-arranged per sentences and paragraphs.
  • The sentences should be direct-to-the-point and short.
  • There should be little or no use of ambiguous words.
  • The essay should be short, most college admission essays shouldn’t exceed 500 words. However, you follow the instructions of the college on the number of words.
  • The grammar of the essay should be excellent after writing, re-read and edit a lot of times. You can also give it out to very good editors to go through it for you.

What is an Autobiographical Novel Essay?

Autobiographical novel essay can be explained from two aspects. It can be explained as a review essay writing about an autobiographical novel or it is a creative writing work about the personal life of an individual. In whatever case, autobiographical novel essay is related to a creative essay writing about the personal life of an individual. It is more like a long creative story in a novel format.

In writing this form of essay, you should make it more of narrative and in story format. It should be very creative in plot, message, language and arrangement. The essay should be intriguing. It should be written in good grammar and other requirements of a good essay.

In all, autobiographical novel essay whether as the autobiography itself or as a review essay on a novel, it should be well-written in good and simple language, and it should be captivating.

How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essay

A topic sentence is different from thesis statement. It is where the topic of the essay is stated in a paragraph in a way or another. While thesis statement is written to state the objective and focus of the research, the topic sentence is a reiteration of the topic of the essay. It usually comes up in every part of the essay.

If you’re writing it, it should be written in a simple language and should be as form of a reminder. Example In this part of this essay, we’ll tackle how to write topic sentence in admission essay writing.

How to Write an Essay Introduction Example

In essay writing, the parts which are always considered important are the introduction and the conclusion. In fact, how you start your essay carries more importance than any other part especially for a college admission essay. Your introduction should be very intriguing to capture the readers attention and hold them spell bound until they finish the essay.

You should begin in simple language, create a vivid image, build a tempo and pull the reader in with something that can be related to. It should be short (3 – 6 sentences). If it’s essay types like informational or argumentative essay, it is in the introduction you state the topic, objectives and goals of the essay.

Example of a captivating narrative and admission essay type is represented below as,

The day I missed my Physics exam in high school changed my look to life forever. It started off as a calm day with me thinking our Physics exam was the next day. I was in shock when my classmates came to my house after exam, worried I had missed the promotional exam. It changed me a lot. I decided then to be an activist for teens having access to the internet. I believed if I had access to the internet, I won’t have missed that exam, same for some other teens.

How to Write a College Admission Essay and an Autobiographical Novel Essay

You should possibly revisit tips we had given earlier about what to note down before writing a college admission essay. We’ll still continue with the tips and guides in this part of the post; however, here, we’ll also be including autobiographical novel essay.

How to write a college admission essay and an autobiographical novel essay isn’t much of a big task if you follow the tips we had listed earlier in this post and the ones we’re about to include now below,

  • Any of these essays you are writing must be unique and authentic. It should be something that the readers haven’t read anywhere before in any way.
  • It should be a personal and autobiographical story which is close to your heart. It should be your memorable experience.
  • You should avoid cliche. Stay far away from cliche.
  • Your introduction should be very captivating and easily related to. It should pull the reader in and keep them till the end.
  • Read the college instruction before writing. If it is an autobiographical novel essay, and more of a review, then you should write it in critical formal language with good research to back it up.
  • You should remember to give instances to buttress your point.
  • When writing a college admission essay, you should focus more on highlighting the impact, change and differences you made than hobbies and the other kinds.
  • If you write about this impact, it should be in a big way related to the course of study and the ideals of the college you are applying for.
  • Proofread your work very well and severally before submitting.
  • If you obey these steps or guidelines in conjunction with those ones which have been mentioned earlier, you’re sure to have written an excellent essay.


To write a college admission essay or autobiographical novel essay isn’t difficult if you know the right steps to take and the right things to do. You just have to follow the steps and guides we’ve listed above. You should just focus on doing the right stuffs and you get it right.

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