How to Write a Bridge in an Essay

People usually think of bridges as that of ones that has to do with crossing from one point, over a valley or water, to another point while driving. You should know that bridges does not have to do with that alone. In essay writing, a bridge is a sentence, phrase, or word, that connects one paragraph to another. It is like the wire of your essay, and this is why it is important to use it right. We’ll be guiding you on how to write a bridge in an essay, and use it right.

While writing your essay, it can also be graded by how your ideas flow from one paragraph to another. You don’t just have to state the ideas. How do these ideas connect? How are these ideas stated? It is important to put that into consideration.

It is with your good use of bridge in the essay that your ideas can be said to be connected. When there is no connection between the ideas in your essay, then your essay is a piece of confusing writing. You also have to know how to use it right. When it is not properly done well, your essay can be ruined. It is not something you would want for yourself. In the next session, we’ll be writing about how to go about writing this in an essay.

How to Write a Bridge in an Essay

Knowledge of How to Use Transitions: It is with transitions that paragraphs are connected. These transitions are the bridges, and they can be a word, phrase, or sentence. With these transitions, you effortlessly move from one idea to the next. They are different types of transitions and their uses:

Sequential Transition: This shows a normal flow from one idea to the next. Example of sequential transition include thus, therefore, in addition, then, furthermore, and some others.

Contrastive Transition: This also shows a flow in ideas but with an attempt to show differences in the ideas. Thus, the ideas are not exactly the same. Example of contrastive transition include however, on the other hand, nevertheless, though, but, nonetheless, and some others.

Comparative Transition: This type is to show similarity in a stronger way than what sequential transition holds. Therefore, whenever you’re trying to showcase how deeply related two ideas are, you use this type of transitions. Example of comparative transition include as, just as, also, like, and similarly.

Conclusive Transition: This is when you intend to wrap your ideas. It doesn’t necessarily need to appear at the concluding part of your essay; it can appear at any point. It is used to summarize the points or ideas you must have made prior to its use. Example of conclusive transition include basically, essentially, in short, ultimately, and some others.

Using Bride in your Essay: You should know when and how to use bridge in your essay. It is important. You should know when to use sequential transition, contrastive transition, and the other types. You should use the transition type that is best suited for your essay.

Good Use of the Bridge in the Essay: You should know how to use the bridge in your essay very well. Write it where it should appear, use the proper punctuation marks, make sure it is well-suited in the area it is used, and don’t use the same transition word more than twice in your essay. There should be diversity for creativity sake.


Knowing how to write a bridge in an essay is very important. This is to avoid presenting an essay with many disjointed and conflicting ideas. Your essay is judged based on how logically your essay is arranged, and how it flows. You should write a bridge well in your essay to score good mark.

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