How to Write a Book Synopsis

How to write a book synopsis is not such a rigorous process or procedure to learn. Writing book synopsis is one of the easiest things you can know. It is just like writing any other pieces of information. The difference lies in that a book synopsis has characteristics and formulas to guide you.

A book synopsis is a write-up that suggests a book to a stranger. A book synopsis can be said to sell a book to a stranger or probable reader. Thus, if you are writing a book blurb for your book or for someone else, you have to write it well like you are convincing and selling a product. You should do it well.

In this post, we’ll be exploring and exposing the details of this book synopsis and how you can write it. First, we start with the questions exposing the details of this book synopsis.

What is a Book Synopsis?

A book synopsis is a captivating insight on what a book is about or what it entails. It is a short detail about the book, and often hits the nail on the head, revealing the details of the book. It often sells the content of the book to an intending reader or buyer. It also present a short description of the book.

How Important is Book Synopsis for a Book?

A book synopsis is very important for a book because it exposes the short details about the book and sells the book to likely readers. Thus, it is very vital in the growth and existence of a book.

How Long should a Book Synopsis be?

A book synopsis should not be more than 300 words. In fact, the average length of a book synopsis is 100 words. When writing a book synopsis, you should make it as short as possible.  

How to Write a Book Synopsis

On knowing how to write this, you should, first of all, know the characteristics of a book synopsis. The characteristics of a book synopsis are:

  • It is somewhat a summary of a book, this means it should explore a good majority of what happens in the book without revealing the whole details of the book in a very short space.
  • The synopsis is written in the shortest way as possible.
  • It should be around 100 words (slightly more or less).
  • There should be serious captivation in the synopsis.
  • It is written in present tense and an active voice.
  • Use very little adjectives and adverbs.
  • This write up should make the reader want to know and discover more about the book (it should be suspense filled).

How to write a book synopsis shouldn’t be too hard. Firstly, you have to know the full details of the book. Then, you break it into event key points, places and characters, highlighting the important ones and suspense-filled ones. Finally, you should write it in present tense and active voice.

In writing a synopsis, your active voice should be so active and suspense-filled that the reader would be anticipating to know more and find out more in the book.


Writing this should not be a great problem to you if you know what you’re doing. You can include the vital things, and make it short, write in present and active voice, and ensure it makes the reader want to know more. Then, you are good to go. A book synopsis 70% of the time a reader picks that book determines if the reader would buy that book or not.

This is why you should know how to write a book synopsis

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