How to Write a Book Pitch

How good your book pitch to an agent or publisher is what determines if your book would be accepted to be pushed for publishing or not. This is why it is important you know the best way to write a book pitch. A book pitch should be written the right way, and it should be compelling and convincing. In this post, we’ll be directing and guiding you on how to write a book pitch.

A book pitch should contain every good content you can find. It is simply the shortest and best marketing piece of writing about your book. You should make it as compelling and engaging as you can find. Since it is what determines if your book can be pushed forward for publishing, you should give it your best shot.

In the coming section, you would know how to write this.

How to Write a Book Pitch

Use of Active Voice: This is the most important characteristics to be found in your book pitch. There has to be the presence and use of the active voice. You cannot be trying to convince someone to get your book published when you use passive voice. It is active voice that is good enough for persuasion.

Short Sentences: You should endeavor to use short sentences as you are writing a pitch, and not an essay. These short sentences should be good and enough to convince the readers to get your book published. You are encouraged to use more of simple sentences, and little of complex sentences.

Short Paragraphs: As you use short sentences, you should also strive to use short paragraphs. Your paragraphs in the piece of writing should not be more than four sentences, averagely three sentences. Longer paragraphs would bore and sicken the readers.

Persuasive and Conversational Tone: Your tone in the writing should be persuasive and conversational. You don’t have to go on in the book pitch just persuading the reader without being conversational. You have to be persuasive and conversational to be able to keep the reader glued to your pitch and also to be able to convince them.

Content: The content of a book pitch should be the hook storyline or concept of the book, the synopsis, why you think the book should be published, and why it would be a marketable book. The main point of the content is that you should try to convince the reader that your book is a masterpiece, and it would be do well in sales when published.

The Format of a Book Pitch

The best place and form to pitch your book is through a cover letter in your mail. It is wise to pitch your book when you are done writing the book, and revised it severally. You can only pitch the book when you have finished writing the book, and thoroughly editing the work. The pitch through the mail should have:

  • Subject heading
  • Body of 5 to 10 paragraphs
  • A killing hook as the introduction
  • The brief synopsis and details of the book as the main body
  • Your belief and idea of why readers and buyers would kill for the book
  • Finally, a short narration of your achievement in writing like awards won, works published, residencies accomplished, and then a sample of the book.
  • It is advised you send in the first chapter or the first three chapters as sample (depending on the demand of the agent or publisher). Thus, the beginning of your book should be intriguing and excellent in all forms: style, formatting, narration, and others.

You should do well to show the literary agent why your book should be picked for publication:

  • You and your story should be authentic and unique.
  • The plot of your book should be intriguing and well-developed.
  • Your writing style should stand out.
  • Include your achievements in writing and your future plans to show them how serious you take your writing career.
  • You can even include how long you have been working on this book, your attachment to the book, and how well you have revised it.
  • Put in your passion for writing and how well you have built it over the years.


How to write a book pitch is not a hard activity to do. However, you should be careful because a book pitch can make or mar your interest to publish the book. A well-written book pitch means higher probability of getting published.

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