How to Write a Book Analysis

A book analysis is a piece of writing geared towards a total explanation of the content of a book. It often does a study and interpretation of the content of a book, choosing to do this from the beginning to the end of the book. In schools and in different disciplines, book analysis is needed for different reasons. This is why this post will guide you properly on how to write a book analysis.

A book analysis studies and interprets the content of the book coming from different points of view. Or trying to examine the content of the book totally. There are longer book analysis that studies the book chapter by chapter, while there are others that study the book as a whole without doing an in-depth study of chapter by chapter.

In any way a book analysis is done, it is pertinent the writer does his duty well and present a critically and well-done book analysis. The study should be complete and total. In addition to this, the writer should follow the proper guidelines and procedures of essay writing. Below, we’ll be presenting how to do this properly.

How to Write a Book Analysis

Here, we’ll be giving you a good guide on how to write a book analysis. How do you write this essay type and what guidelines do you follow?

  • A book analysis shouldn’t be more than 1500 words if it is not a literary criticism. This kind of essay is usually published on blogs or sent as an editorial piece to daily magazines and papers. It is usually a short or not too much in-depth analysis of a book.
  • You have to make sure you have read the book fully and understood it very well before writing the essay.
  • The essay should be written in a formal conversational tone telling the reader about the book, some of the details it contains and what to expect.
  • It should have a catching title. For instance, Excruciating Pain: An Analysis of William Fred’s Sunshades in the Rain.
  • While writing, reveal only a substantial amount of details about the book, and make your essay engaging so as to make the reader want to read the book.
  • You should be balanced in your analysis of what the book contains. Tell the readers the good and the bad aspects without making the book look bad. In fact, since it is an analysis and not a review, speak more about the good side of the book and encourage readers to read and find out themselves.
  • Use very few adjectives and adverbs in your essay.
  • Make sure your sentences and paragraphs are concise and engaging. The concluding paragraph should be more engaging and with a call to action to the readers to take action and read the books themselves.

You should know that as an author that book analysis is very important in the sale and marketing of your books. It is usually this book analysis that would determine if readers and critics love storyline and content of the book. The book analysis equally helps readers and students understand a book better for easier and better appreciation.


How to write a book analysis is not something that would be hard for you if you know the right things to do. Having read our post, you should be able to do it properly. When you write your book analysis well, you not only get good grades for it, you also get to market the book properly.

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