How to Write a Body Paragraph for an Essay

Paragraphs and paragraphing are considered as vital parts of an essay. Body paragraphs in an essay, and how to properly construct them, are very vital in essay writing. Your essay won’t go well if you don’t know how to construct your paragraphs and do paragraphing. This is why it is important we guide you on how to write a body paragraph for an essay in this post.

To understand the concept of the paragraph we are writing about and what it has to do with essay writing, you can read our posts (How to Write APA and MLA Essay and How to Write an Essay).

Reiterating what we’ve stated, paragraphs and paragraphing are very vital in essays. Thus, you should endeavor to do them well. It makes your essay flow, coherent, understandable, and good. An essay with bad paragraphing and bad paragraph construction, is a terrible essay.

How to Write a Body Paragraph for an Essay

There are guidelines and facts you should note to get this issue (body paragraph and paragraphing) right in essay writing.

Get the Topic: The first step to doing this right is getting the topic given for essay development. Once you get the topic, then you are a step into creating a body paragraph.

Make Research and Gather Data: The next step to take is data gathering and research about the topic. When doing this research, you can equally write down the vital points and other necessary pieces of information.

Plan the Structure or Organization of your Essay: You can plan how you will arrange your essay after making research and gathering data. Plan on how you would introduce the essay, the arrangement of the paragraphs, and all.

Start Writing: Finally, you start writing the essay. You follow the details of the data you have collected, the structure, and the arrangement. This is to make you have a well written essay. When writing make sure your paragraphs are well-constructed, and that the paragraphing is done well. All the paragraphs in your essay should be connected in meaning in such a way that one leads to another and another leads to the other.

Edit: The final action you take is to edit the essay. You read, edit, make corrections and changes.

What makes a good Body Paragraph?

  • It should have at least three sentences, and it shouldn’t be more than ten sentences. The average size for a good paragraph is three to five sentences.
  • A paragraph should have one main meaning or purpose. This means it passes across a single message. There shouldn’t be too many meanings attached to a paragraph.
  • It should be connected to the previous and later paragraphs in meaning and structure.
  • The first line can be indented, and it can also not be indented.
  • There should be no grammatical and structural errors in it.


How to write a body paragraph for an essay is not difficult if you know the right things to do. You simply have to stick and play by the rules. A body paragraph is a good determinant of a good essay. If you get it right, then your essay passes off as really good.

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