How to write a Best Seller Book or Novel as a Beginner

Writers are often bothered about how their stories, works and books would turn out as the book market is very volatile and misleading. Stories or books that don’t do well may end up being problematic for the writer. Therefore, the dream of every writer is how they would write and release a best seller book. The important question in most writers’ minds is how do I write a best seller book or novel as a beginner?

You must note that writing and releasing best sellers is not meant for experts in the field alone, you can also write and release a best seller as a beginner. However, how do you write best seller book or novel as beginner? It is a great question to have in your mind.

There’s no known sure formula or process of how one can write and release best seller as a beginner but there are certain steps and tips you can follow and adhere to to make your dream of releasing a best seller a reality. However, before we explore these tips and steps, let us study questions which would make you understand the topic better. These question are:

Which book is a best seller?

A best seller book or novel should have received a good amount of purchases and readership. Thus, this book always do well commercially than the regular books released in the market. So, if you write a book and around 10,000+ purchase of your book is made within a short time, you’re considered to have written a best seller. The higher the quantity of your book sold, the higher the acceptance and money.

How do I write a good book or novel?

A good book is the one that meets most of the requirement or expectation of being “good” in whatever book type or genre someone chose. If you want to write a good book, then your content should be of great quality, and the other features of the book like editing, packaging, language, theme and others should be great. For instance, to write a best seller novel, you should know how to write a good story (How to Write a Good Story).

Writing a popular book or let’s say a book that would become a best seller is a combination of knowing how to write well and what the readers need/want. You shouldn’t write books based on what you want but what the readers want in any genre. You should also make the style and language easy to understand.

You become a good writer by constantly practising your craft so you can write better as you practise every day. The more you write, the better you become. Read other great writers as well, read widely, because the more you write the better you become. By writing well consistently you become good, formulate excellent themes/messages, use the best style and you’d have a great and popular book.

How do I write a best seller book or novel as a beginner? 

You should note that it is not because you’re a beginner that you cannot write a best seller book or novel as a beginner. There are amazing writers who as beginners have written best seller books and novels. You can write it depending on how good you are and how well you apply the tips we’ll enumerate here. You should note and study them well.

  • Good Plot/Theme/Message: This is the foremost characteristics your book or novel should bear if you intend your book to be a best seller. Your plot and theme should be intriguing and delighting for the readers. Instead of writing what you enjoy reading, you should write what your audience will enjoy reading and get a lot of copies of your book. If your book is great, it would be spread by “words of the mouth.”
  • Suspense: Write your book in such a way that readers want to know more and learn what happened in the next page. No matter any genre you’re writing in, make sure your book is a page turner that is prompting the readers to want to find out what happened next. The more suspenseful or thrilling your book is, the more readership it should have.
  • Setting: If it is a novel or book talking about a place, you should choose popular places like London, New York, Rome, Moscow, Beijing, Egypt and other places as your setting. This will make many people easily recognize and appreciate the setting. Thus, your book will be publicized for how relating it is.
  • Plot Twist/Surprise: Employ plot twist and surprise as you write so as to keep the story intriguing. You should always surprise the readers to keep their interest in the book.
  • Action and Violence: For novel or fictions, include intriguing action and violence that would make readers anticipate what’s next for the characters. Readers would always love to know how these characters survived and the tactics they deployed to survive as we have such as we have it in Hunger Game, Squid Game and zombie movies.
  • Good Character Development: For fictions and stories, you should do good character development in their descriptions, actions and dialogues that readers connect to them deeply. To make it easier for you use real people’s lives to create characters for your story. The readers should easily relate to the characters.
  • Language and Style: You should write in a sexy and singing language. You know how English speakers love native speakers and English speakers of Spanish origin because their use of the language is musical, that’s how you should write. If your language and style is musical, thrilling and engaging, your readers would certainly love the book.
  • Good and Detailed Description: Readers love when you describe vividly the setting of the story, the appearance of the characters or what the characters do. For instance, a Quora user stated that “Danish readers love it when you explain in detail the kind of meals your characters have and how they eat such meal.” So, a readers love description in detail so they can imagine it vividly.
  • Conspiracy and Controversy: Conspiracy and controversial books sell very well. This is because people love conspiracies and controversies, they’d love to know how you interpret or present it in your book. Such stories like how a one-time Pope fathered a son, how Jesus had a baby when he was alive and how a secret evil cult control the affairs of the world. People love these and would want to find out so your book will sell.

There are also other characteristics that would make your book/novel as a beginner become a best seller like

  • Sex: Including constant and sometimes controversial sex in the events of the book. Like an alien sleeping with a gorgeous woman or a billionaire with a dumb girl and many more. Sizzling hot sex scenes in a novel makes it sell as well.
  • Forbidden Romance: You should employ forbidden romance like a house girl and a filthy rich son or a president and the maid in his house while he is married to an abusive wife when writing. People love those kind of stories about forbidden romance.
  • Unsolved Mysteries of Past Events: People love to read about unsolved mysteries of the past. They would always want to know what happened like that did Hitler die or how CIA were involved in this and that or is the church heavily corrupt?

Stories involving religious rituals and the mysteries around it do well like that of Illuminati, the Catholic church and others.

Vampire, zombie and werewolves books and movies do well so far it isn’t tacky and has a great suspenseful plot with well developed characters.  

You should avoid literary fiction as they’re hardly best sellers. Write more of speculative fiction. You can also write literary fiction but don’t plan for it to be a best seller until when you’re probably dead.

After writing, you should involve a good editor to edit it thoroughly before involving a literary agent to help you scout for publishers. If you don’t get publishers for a long time, consider self-publishing and marketing it.


How do I write a best seller book or novel as a beginner shouldn’t be much of a problem any longer if you get the right tips and know what to do. It doesn’t take too much to write that best seller you’ve been craving to author. You should just stick to these good tips and you are good to go.

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