Frequently Asked Questions about Best Seller Book Writing (Part 1)

Best seller book writing is a set of actions which people take care in doing so they don’t get it wrongly as every part of the book contributes to what may sell or mar a book. Thus, care is taken to give a book which a writer intends to be a best seller book the best touch. If you’re a writer planning that next best seller, this post is right for you as there are questions here to guide you on writing one. The BIG question this post answers is how to write a best seller with one touch.

To write a great book, you must pay attention to details. Aside from getting to know what kind of books make best seller eventually when they hit the market, you also have to pay attention to other details, even as little as the foreword and dedication. It is not only a good cover, topic and language that makes a great book, there are also other factors.

In another post on this blog (How to Write a Best Seller as a Beginner), we listed some guidelines or tips on how to write a best seller book with one touch. One major factor we listed there is that the type of book you write and the content heavily determines how widely accepted the book would be. Then the packaging of the book also plays a great role. However, there are other details and often neglected parts of book writing you should pay attention to if you’re fully determined to make your book a best seller.

These often neglected details include your book synopsis, your book blurb, the foreword, captivating dialogues in the book, and essays about the book. All these features and details about a book are often neglected. Meanwhile, they play prominent roles in selling a book.

Below, in this post, we’ll be treating them one after another.

What is a Book Synopsis? How to Write a Book Synopsis?

A book synopsis is a captivating insight on what a book is about or what it entails. It is a short detail about the book, and often hits the nail on the head, revealing the details of the book. The characteristics of a book synopsis are,

  • It is somewhat a summary of a book, this means it should explore a good majority of what happens in the book without revealing the whole details of the book in a very short space.
  • The synopsis is written in the shortest way as possible.
  • It should be around 150 words (slightly more or less).
  • There should be serious captivation in the synopsis.
  • It is written in present tense and an active voice.
  • Use very little adjectives and adverbs.
  • This write up should make the reader want to know and discover more about the book (it should be suspense filled).

How to write a book synopsis shouldn’t be too hard. Simply get to know the full details of the book, break it into event key points, places and characters, highlighting the important ones and suspense-filled ones, then write it in present tense and active voice. In writing a synopsis, your active voice should be so active and suspense-filled that the reader would be anticipating to know more.

How to write a book synopsis shouldn’t be of too much concern to you if you know what you’re doing. Simply include the vital things, make it short, write in present and active voice, and ensure it makes the reader want to know more. A book synopsis 70% of the time a reader picks that book determines if the reader would buy that book or not.

What is a Book Blurb? How to Write a Book Blurb?

A book blurb is almost similar to synopsis; however, the difference is that book blurb is the captivating insight of a book at the back cover of the book. This book blurb is one of the first write ups a reader gets to read in your book. This is why how to write a book blurb is very important.

You have done it before or you know that is how it happens. You go to buy a book, after checking the front cover, the title and the name of the author, the next thing you check is the blurb and recommendations about the book. 85% of the time, the blurb determines if the reader is buying or reading that book at all.

Then how do you write a good book blurb to enthrall the reader?

  • A book blurb shouldn’t be more than 100 words. The shorter it is, the better.
  • It should be written in present tense and active voice.
  • The tone of the write up should be intriguing, inducing suspense in the reader.
  • In writing this, select only the very few exciting events that would captivate the reader.
  • Reveal only very little of the events, characters, places or contents of the book.
  • Use adjectives and adverbs sparingly.

If you can, write the blurb as if you’re speaking to the reader directly.

How to write a book blurb shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you know this basic things. You’ve to note that a book blurb is very important in determining the reader’s choice. If the blurb of your book is below what’s expected or pushes the reader away, your book will be dumped. This is the reason why how to write a book blurb is very important.

What is a Foreword to a Book? How to Write a Foreword for a Book?

A foreword to a book, in this how to write a best seller with one touch, is not as important as a book blurb and synopsis but still very important in its own right. A foreword to a book is what another person writes stating what the reader should expect in the book. This is somewhat like a recommendation, encouraging the reader to read the book and the best way to read the book. It determines, too, if the reader would go on with the book or not. Foreword in a book is not obtained in creative literary books.

Thus, how to write a foreword for a book is very important.

If you’re invited by an author to write a foreword for his or her book, be sure to know that your writing determines 55% if the reader would enjoy the book or not. Therefore, you should truly know how to write foreword to a book and be good at it.

Then how do you write the foreword? What guidelines should you follow?

  • You should read every words and sentences in the book to know what it is all about. You should equally understand what the author tries to achieve or explain.
  • Write down the key points or messages the author is trying to pass across.
  • When you begin writing, write in a formal interactive voice. Write as if you’re conversing with the reader, telling him what is in the book and why he should read it.
  • The foreword can be as long as 1000 – 1500 words, but the shorter the better. If your foreword can be fully expressed in 500 words and get across to the reader, it is better.
  • The paragraphs and sentences should be short and simple.
  • You should write in active voice, present tense and use adverbs and adjectives sparingly.
  • At the end, after the foreword, write your name and (or) your company, official position and role in the society.

Knowing all these guidelines would be great factor in determining how well you know how to write foreword to a book and deliver it excellently. This part of the book is very important.

How to Write a Dialogue in a Book?

Are you writing a creative literary book? If you are, then you should know that dialogue is very important part of the book. How to write a dialogue in a book should be of great concern to you. Dialogues makes the book exciting to read as it makes the book flow and the reader enjoys the book. This is the reason why most book authors use dialogues in their books, creative literary books or not.

Writing a good dialogue in a book is very important and knowing how to write a dialogue in a book, more important. The question is how do you write a good dialogue in a book?

  • First, you make sure you’ve the correct imagination of the dialogue in your head.
  • Secondly, you make the dialogue look real. If a banker speaks, then it should be a banker, and if a  petty trader speaks, then it should be a petty trader. Every character should have his or her own unique way of speaking. To achieve this best, use the lives and speaking methods of real life people around you to create characters.
  • The dialogue should be in the present and in active voice too.
  • Put  the statement made by the character in quotation marks. (Though, there are also rare cases where they aren’t needed).
  • The report about what the person said should be in the past or present determined by the tense you use mainly in the rest of the work. Example is “Peter, go to the room right now and bring the pillow!” she said to her son.

How to write a dialogue, especially a good one, heavily determines if your readers will enjoy your book or not. Make the dialogues really good.

How to Write an Essay about a Book?

This is an important part of a book because without essays about a book be it a book review, a critical analysis of the book or a basic essay, a lot of readers won’t know about the book. In this section of this post, we’ll be treating how to write an essay about a book, a basic essay precisely. In another post, we’ll be dealing with how to write a book review and how to a literary and critical analysis of a book.

This one is one of the most important questions in this how to write a best seller with one touch. The importance lies in the sense that good essays helps one sell his or her books. It contributes in the marketing of your books, and without that, your books might not be sold as high as you want it to be sold. So, writing essays about a book is very important.

Here, we’ll be giving you a good guide on how to write an essay about book. How do you write a basic essay on this and what guidelines do you follow?

  • A basic essay about a book shouldn’t be more than 1000 words. This kind of essay is usually published on blogs or sent as an editorial piece to daily magazines and papers.
  • You have to make sure you have read the book fully and understood it before writing.
  • The essay should be written in a formal conversational tone telling the reader about the book, some of the details it contains and what to expect.
  • It should have a catching title. For instance, A Book Cooking Sorrow: An Essay and my Thought about William Fred’s Sunshades in the Rain
  • While writing, reveal only few details about the book and make your essay engaging so as to make the reader want to read the book.
  • You should be balanced in your review or analysis of what the book contains. Tell the readers the good aspect and the bad aspect without making the book look bad. In fact, since it is an essay and not a review, speak more about the good side of the book and encourage readers to read and find out themselves.
  • Use very few adjectives and adverbs in your essay.
  • Make sure your sentences and paragraphs are concise and engaging. The concluding paragraph should be more engaging and with a call of action to the readers to take action and read the books themselves.

You should note that as an author or intending author, essays about your book are as important as your entire book. These essays are what markets your book to a very wide audience letting them make a choice of whether to read your book or not. If you are an independent author and you’re serious about knowing how to write a best seller with one touch, then you should take essays about your books seriously.

The more essays about your book people get to read, the more they would love to read the book. Essays shape the mind of the reader. We, therefore, encourage indie writers to take it seriously, invest in it if they have the money, and know how to write an essay about a book.


How to write a best seller with one touch shouldn’t be much of a worry if you read this post and got the tips in addition to other posts we have here about writing a best seller. It doesn’t take too much in making your book a best seller even as an indie writer, it just has to do with whether you know the right things to do. Knowing the right guidelines, tips and procedures to follow, makes it easier for you to write and make your book a best seller.

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