How to Write 200 Word Essay

A person given 200 word essay to write means the person is a student or pupil. This essay type and word count is not much of a difficult task to do if you know the steps, the guidelines, and the procedures. It is a simple task to do, you just have to do it right. Are you worried about doing it, right? In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write 200 word essay right.

Before we go deep into guiding you on how to write and deliver this kind of essay, we will be answering some questions and exposing you more to the details of writing this kind of essay.

What is a 200 Word Essay?

This is a type of essay where you are expected to write only 200 words when expressing your opinion or stating your thoughts about the topic. There is a strict guideline that your essay must be up to 200 words and must not be more than that. If you can’t make it exactly that 200 words, then you shouldn’t write more than 20 words more. Totally, even if you should write more than the needed, you shouldn’t write more than 220 words.

Where and When is this Type of Essay given?

This essay type is given mostly in middle and high schools. This one is seldom given in college but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It is usually an assignment or homework. When you write it well and deliver a great piece, then you are awarded great mark to help your school work and improve your result.

What Makes this Essay Good? 

The aspect that makes this essay good is following the guidelines of good essay writing. You should be direct and concise in writing this kind of essay. You should use active voice. Be focused on the topic, and the topic alone. No grammatical blunders. No copying other works (plagiarism). State as many points as you can in a short space. Learn or have this capability to score well.

You can read (How to Write a Good Essay) here, to get to know how a good essay is.

How to Write 200 Word Essay

You simply have to follow the steps and obey these guidelines below to get to know how to write 200 word essay.

First Step: When you get the topic, you begin to make research surrounding the topic. You can make the research by browsing online or visiting your school library.

Second Step: You gather data and other resources from these places you’ve made the research. Then, you write these data sources down.

Third Step: You begin to write. Write the title based on what you are given to write. Introduce what you want to do, state your discoveries, and then you write the conclusion based on the topic.

Fourth Step: You should stick to the topic–do not go beyond the topic or away from the topic. Your grammar should be correct. The structure of the topic should be good and nice.

Fifth Step: You should edit your essay after writing. While editing, state the points you have missed, and correct your grammar and spelling. You can as well remove other needless words and sentences.


How to write 200 word essay is not much of a problem if you know the right thing to do. You simply have to follow the guidelines and steps we have written here. In a short time, you should be making a good grade for the assignment or school work you are given.

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