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Are you a storyteller?

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Then, you can submit and be accepted easily, your story published, on this platform.

Simply send your story or ideas (articles) and plays (scripts) as a Microsoft Word attachment to It should be up to 1000 words, at least, and engaging. 

We accept all kind of stories, articles and plays except extremely violent (graphic), racist (& other discriminatory or demeaning works) and children erotic works.

As you send, please include a short biography of you and a picture. (There will be an option of creating account here and signing up soon ).

Call for Submission (Arija 00.001)

Arija 00.001, a new speculative magazine, calls for submission from writers for its first issue to be published in November, 2022. Writers are encouraged to send stories, plays and poems of any length connected to the genre to be stated below.

This magazine is a speculative literature magazine to be published annually on the eve of every Halloween. Thus, works that are connected in one way or another to horror, fantasy, mystery, dark romance and thriller are accepted. We also accept works from other genre that have a little connection to being horror and thriller.

This is the first issue so please feel free to send in your work. We believe in every writer.

The collected works would be published on net and distributed freely to lovers of Halloween to give them the feel of the celebration. There’d would also be run up competitions to the Halloween day.

Thus, writers published won’t be paid but this magazine is the first of its kind and would stay for a long time. As the popularity of the magazine increases, we’d pay in the future.

You can send in your work as a Word Document attachment, your biography and a picture attached as well to The title of your email should read “Arija 00.001 – Genre of Work – Title of Work,” example “Arija 00.001 – Fantasy – Mom Died.”

Deadline: July 31, 2022

This magazine is under the purview of Blithe Up – a web of storytelling poised to change the concept of storytelling and make an extensive impact.


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