How to Put a Quote in an Essay

There is usually no academic essay or a full research paper without use of quotes. In fact, it is important you use quotes when writing your research paper or academic essay so your essay can be taken as rich and intellectually done. Your use of quotes states whether your essay or research paper is well done or not. The important question you should be asking yourself is how to put a quote in an essay.

Putting a quote in an essay is very important because it qualifies whether your essay is good or not. So, you have to understand the severity of the situation, and you should know how to put a quote in an essay.

Before we go directing you on how to do this, we’ll be answering common questions related to the topic and make you understand better how to do it.

What is a Quote in an Essay?

A quote in an essay is the words of authority of another writer concerning your topic. These words support your thesis or the argument you are proposing in your essay. Often, quotes used in an essay is to state that other authorities or scholars have made research related to your topic, and they have shared thoughts concerning it.

How Important is a Quote in an Essay?

Using the words or quotes of other scholars and authorities you are working on in an essay is very important. An essay is not considered good enough if it does not have any quote, or it is considered below average, if enough valid quotes from authority is not used.

How long should a Quote in an Essay be?

The quote you utilize in your essay should not be more than six lines long. In fact, on the average, the quotes in your essay should be 1 – 5 lines long, anything beyond that is unprofessional for essay of any kind. If you feel you have to cite a very long quote, then cut it short and use lots of ellipses. While cutting it short, you shouldn’t remove the vital parts.

How to put a Quote in an Essay

There are different ways you put a quote in an essay, and it is usually determined by the type of essay. How quote is put in a purely research essay or paper is different from how it is put in a casual or not a research paper. The difference lies in the aspect that a research paper is more formal and would need good citation while a normal essay would just put it in quotation marks.

Below, we will be giving you examples of the different scenarios of how to put quote in these essays.

Example of Putting a Quote in a Research Paper or Essay

UN quoted in Aljazeera warned the Nigerian government by stating that “Burkina Faso, Yemen, Nigeria, and South Sudan were already facing a dangerous combination of conflict, mass displacement, economic crisis, and climate and agricultural calamity. COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions and lockdowns that followed have only exacerbated the pain” (2020, p. 5). Unlike most developed nations that could fend for their citizens, or their citizens being wealthy enough to fend for themselves, Nigeria could not do so.

You can see above that the name of the author (and/or year) is stated first then the quote in quotation marks and the rest of the details of the quotation. When quoting in a research paper, there are laid down rules you should follow. You can read (How to Write MLA and APA Essay) to know more about this.

Example of Putting a Quote in an average School Essay

In an average essay or school essay you don’t need to follow the tough procedure of putting quote in a research paper or essay before you put it. In this type of essay, you simply write the name of the person who said it and put it in quotation marks. You don’t need the date or the page or other information.

You should ensure you aren’t writing a research paper to be able to do this. The essay types could be descriptive, narrative, argumentative and expository school essays or casual non-academic essays.

This is the example below.

The Punch Newspaper stated that “more than 50% of the palliatives provided were from the private sector. Even though most of the palliatives provided were from the private sector, they were placed in the hands of the government. This government was not honest and fair in the distribution of these palliatives. The federal government handed the distribution of the palliatives as they did to national resources. 


How to put a quote in an essay is not a big deal. You only have to know how best to put this quote, and you’ve to know that quotes are important in an essay, you should do well to write them well and include them. If you are doing your essay as a school work, then it needs to be done well to accord you good marks.

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