How to Overcome Writer’s Block (Assured and Effective Ways)

Writer’s block is one of the serious issues affecting writers. It’s like the demon of writers encounter as they do their duties of writing. The terrible thing is that most of the writers don’t know how to overcome it. So, in this post, we’ll be treating how to overcome writer’s block  (assured and effective ways).

Before we go into stating the ways you can overcome writer’s block, we’d be explaining what writer’s block is and other connected details about it. The details are here below,

What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block is somewhat of a psychological and emotional challenge faced by a writer where he or she can no longer write as he or she wishes. It is a situation of where the writer wants to write but nothing comes forth from his or her head. There is no flow of thoughts, thus, ceasing the writing.

What causes Writer’s Block?

There are many reasons that may lead to writer’s block. The likely causes of a writer suffering from writer’s block might be one or more of the following below,

The lack of  peace of the mind

Lack of rest

Writing deadline(s) to meet up to

Uncomfortable accommodation and place

Lack of solitude or where you shouldn’t be disturbed

Depression or psychological breakdown

Poor finance

Other jobs or duties competing with the writing and many other causes.

Which writer can suffer from Writer’s Block or Who can suffer from Writer’s Block?

Any one who is a writer or has a piece of writing doing at any moment can suffer from writer’s block. Once the person experiences any of the causes listed above, there is high possibility of he or she suffering from writer’s block. Even a student, writing an simple and short write up like an essay, can suffer from it as well.

Is Writer’s Block a Mental Illness or Mental Breakdown ?

Writer’s block is not a mental illness but it can slightly be described as a mental breakdown. It can best be described as a psychological breakdown. The mind of the writer is not focused and productive at that moment. The writer can do anything else apart from sitting down to write something. It happens to all writers.

The big issue is not whether writer’s block happen or not but how you as a writer can overcome writer’s block.

How to Overcome Writer’s block or Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block (Assured and Effective)

  • Staying away from Writing for a While: This is the first thing to do if you experience writer’s block. You stay away from writing for sometime. It will help you clear your head and free your mind. When you finally get back to writing, you’ll be totally rejuvenated.
  • Take a Walk: How to overcome writer’s block cannot happen if you don’t do this. Once nothing is coming forth in your writing, you stay away from the writing and a take a walk. While walking, please no thinking at all or imagining things, let your mind rest. Possibly after your work, the writer’s block might have erased, but if not follow other steps below.
  • Listening to Music and Dancing or Going to a Disco Party: This is an activity you should do and take it seriously. Listening to music or going to a hip hop, pop or disco party would help you dance. Dancing is a form of exercise which frees the mind and makes you relaxed to reorganize your writing.
  • Cooking and Eating Sweet Heavy Meals: You can take that time to cook and eat the meals you love and eat them really well. You’re encouraged to eat more so you would replenish your body and mind. You should also eat heavy so you can sleep well. Relax your mind, cook heavy meals and take your time eating them.
  • Make Love: If you’re married or living with your partner, this is one of the actions you take so you can heal. Making love to your spouse or partner at this time will make you bond with him or her and give you opportunity to sleep and rest. Love making is a great way to heal.
  • Exercising: You can also take out time to exercise at that critical period. Exercising frees the mind and makes you remain focused. Exercising saps your energy and at the same time rejuvenates you to carry out activities faster and better than you had done.
  • Travelling: If after doing most of the suggested actions and you still experience writer’s block, then it means you need a change of environment. You need to travel away from your residential area, in fact, travel out of your city and visit awesome places to relax. Travelling is a very good way of dealing with writer’s block.
  • Rest and Sleep: This is a very important one in this how to overcome writer’s block. You ensure you rest and sleep very well. You need it.
  • Read Intriguing and Emotional Stories: You can also heal by reading intriguing and emotional stories, fiction or non-fiction. They would go a long way in making you heal and breaking down your writer’s block.
  • Going through the Work over again: After staying away from the work, taking a work and doing other things, you can get rejuvenated to start writing the work again by going through the work again. While going through it, a spark might come prompting you to begin writing.


How to overcome writer’s block should not be too much of a hard task to do. You just have to set your mind on overcoming it and doing all the actions listed above. Once you set your mind to it and do all these actions, you can easily overcome writer’s block and getting your work going again.

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