How to Manage your Time as a Writer of any Genre

One of the problems of writers is how to manage their time. Due to the type of work they do, and being that they can do it from home, they get easily distracted and don’t manage their time well. Are you a writer or connected to writing in anyway? This post is to guide you on how to manage your time as a writer of any genre.

Even if you’re a student who is mandated to write his essay, project or thesis, this post will guide you on the best possible way to manage your time and achieve your set target at the expected time. Thus, if you set to finish your thesis in six months, then in that six months you should be done.

It doesn’t take much on meeting up on your own set target, it is possible or not based on your determination, strive, dedication  and discipline. Therefore, there’s no much hard stuff in knowing how to manage your time as a writer of any genre. Due to this, in the first part of the post, there’ll be a breakdown of things you need to do or characteristics you should have to manage your time as a writer.

Things to do to Manage your Time as a Writer

Have a Schedule or Time Table: Most successful writer when interviewed state that they have a schedule or time table which guides them on when to write and what to do. A good writer should be principled and disciplined to plan himself or herself well. Make a schedule, make out the time you would write and stick to it. If you plan on finishing a 50,000 words book in two months by working two hours on it daily, it can be done.

  • Use a Notice or Pin Board: This is a must-get if you want to be a good writer. Get a notice or pin board and place it close to your work station. It should be the guide on what you are to do daily. Write your plans and schedule for the week or the month and post it on the board. The board should be very close to you so as to direct you fully.
  • Set a Deadline for Yourself: Now this is very good to motivate you and keep you going. Whenever you want to work on a writing project, you set a deadline and make sure you keep to the deadline. Don’t try and overlook the deadline because you are the one who set it, keep to it like it’s a boss who gave you deadline and remain focused.
  • Seek a Solitary Place or Location: To avoid distractions at home, which of course would always come at home, get a solitary place within or outside your home to work in. It can be a spare space in your home away from where the family is, or it can be a writing space outside your home. What’s important is that it gives you the space and solitude you need to write.
  • Exercise, Leisure and Other Activities: In order to make your mind bright and alert, you should make sure a good amount of your time goes to exercising, leisure and completion of other activities. This is to enable you not to be exasperated due to boredom. Make your time flexible–include other activities to loosen up.
  • Sleep and Rest Well: As a writer, you should be having better rest and sleep than an average human due to the mental and physical stress associated with writing. For sleep, endeavor you sleep 6 hours a day even when you’re working on a serious project. For rest, you should see to it that you rest intermittently (15 – 30 minutes) in the day, especially when working on a project.
  • Get Others to Help Around: You shouldn’t stay alone as a writer or else your apartment and life would be a total mess. A writer who is working on a project back to back rarely has time for himself or herself. Therefore, you should get a helping hand (even if it is paid) to help do house chores and run other errands. This will save a lot of time for you and make you meet your target to deliver.

These are the tips and guidelines on how to manage your time as a writer of any genre. In the next part of the post, we’ll be looking at the average length it should take doing writing projects of different genre. Questions such as how long it takes to write a book or dissertation or project or script? This post will answer them very well.  

How long it takes to write a Dissertation?

The time it takes in writing a dissertation  is determined by how strenuous your topic is and how long you’re expected to write. However, if you’re determined and mange your time well, the average time it takes in most fields is two years. It could be faster or slower depending on you and the work and satisfaction rate of your supervisor. This is how long it takes to write a dissertation.

How long it takes to write a Book?

This one, too, is determined by the size of the book you’re writing and how disciplined you are. It is also determined by the type of boom you’re writing. For instance, for a dedicated writer to finish a 100,000 words novel, completely and well-edited, it can take a year or two. Meanwhile, for a writer to finish a 100,000 words motivational book, it can take a year or at most a year and half. Then, a writer of a 100,000 words Physic textbook, it can take as high as four to five years.

You should just set your mind and deadline. If you writing a fiction book or motivational book, write at least 1000 to 2000 words daily, and soon it would be finished. This is, of course, how long it takes to write a book.

How long does it take write an Undergraduate Project?

Undergraduate projects are mostly not that much so it won’t take long to write. In addition to that, hectic research is not handled by undergraduates. A serious student who is working on his or her project should use maximum of 6 months to write it. This is, of course, subject to the supervisor as some supervisors waste time more than others. 6 months should be enough and how long it takes to write an undergraduate project.

How long it takes to write a Movie Script?

This one also depends on how long the script is. However, an average script of a 1 hour 40 minutes movie should take 8 months maximum to write. Scripts are easier to write if it follows, so it can take way less than  the 8 months. This is how long it takes to write a movie script.

How long does it take to write a Thesis?

Thesis is longer than an undergraduate project but shorter than a dissertation so it shouldn’t take much time writing. It is not as research intensive as a dissertation. If you are a disciplined and committed student, you should take 6 – 8 months writing a thesis. This is definitely how long it takes to write a thesis.


How to manage your time as a writer of any genre should not be a problem after reading this. Time is very important to a writer, and thus you should manage it well. Plan yourself, have a schedule and keep to it and do other necessary things to guide you in meeting writing projects deadlines and delivering projects.

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