How to Introduce Quote in an Essay and Other Essay-related Questions

In this post, we would be answering some essay-related questions. These are questions that would make you understand and write your essay very well. We would be starting with how to introduce quote in an essay, and continue with the others. One important fact you have to know about this post is that it is guide directing you on how to write your essay better.

Read and understand the concept of the questions, and the answers given. The questions would be answered with this structure:

What is quote in an essay?

How to introduce quote in an essay?

What are the types of quote to put in an essay?

How to write a good hook in an essay?

How to end an essay?

When all these questions are answered, they are to guide you properly on some elements and factors of essay writing. You just have to read and understand. This post will help you out.

What is Quote in an Essay?

Quote in an essay is the borrowed words of another scholar you intend using in your essay. Since the words and thought of this scholar is not yours, you have to cite it and put it in quotation marks. If it is not done like this, it becomes plagiarism (intellectual theft)–a serious crime in the academic field.

How to Introduce Quote in an Essay? 

To introduce a quote in an essay is very easy, you should simply state the author of the quote and put “said,” “writes,” “opines,” and any other verb to qualify that the author is connected to the statement. If it is a research paper, then (depending on the citation style used) you include the year and pages and other pieces of information.

What are the Types of Quote to Put in an Essay?  

You can borrow words or thoughts from any scholar with scholarly authority. These words can be in a journal, in a magazine, on the internet and many more. The quote should be deeply connected to the argument you are making, and it should have good authority. However, for low-academical publications like magazines, newspapers, you should be careful it is not an indecent or very low magazine; if it is, DO NOT USE it.

How to Write a Good Hook in an Essay?

How do you write good hook in an essay? It is actually not that difficult if you know the right steps and procedures. What is a good hook?

A good hook in an essay is simply what would capture the attention of the reader of your essay or the examiner. The hook of your essay should be written mostly at the introductory part of the essay. It should state the research problem of the essay and how you intend to treat it.

You can also start by stating the problem to be tackled by the essay, how others scholars have failed in tackling it and how you would go tackling it. You should write it in simple and short sentences, and in active voice too.

How to End an Essay?

You should end your essay in active voice, definite tone and asserting that you have solved the research problem in the essay. The essay should not end until you have properly solved the research problem and answered all the pending questions in the essay. For an average school work essay, you should end it in same voice and tone, asserting that the questions and matters of the essay have been fully resolved.


How to introduce quote in an essay and other essay-related questions shouldn’t be a problem after reading this. You should write your essays well without problems, and write it well.

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