How to End an Essay?

There are pertinent parts and factors in an essay that you would have to be very careful about how they come out. These parts and factors are very important in your essay. They determine the kind of mark and grade your examiner would give you. One of these part is the ending part of your essay. This is why it is important you know how to end an essay.

In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to end an essay. The first thing that should come to your mind is that the conclusion part of an essay is very important. Therefore, you should be careful how this part turns out.

You can read our other posts (How to Write APA and MLA Essay and How to Write an Essay) to learn more about essay writing. You should know that you have to follow the needed guidelines and procedures to be able to write a good essay. Furthermore, your essay should obey all grammar and punctuation rules. We aren’t concerned about guiding you on how to write a good essay in this post, we are more concerned about the topic.

How to End an Essay

For you to write a good end of an essay, you should follow these procedures and guidelines:

Catchy and Enticing: The conclusion or ending part of your essay should be catchy and enticing. This is the most important aspect of the end of an essay. While wrapping up your writing and summarizing all you posited in the essay, you should write an enticing or catchy ending.

Summary of the Essay: The end of an essay should be have a brief summary of the essay. You won’t go long in detail while writing the summary of the essay. You should simply mention, very brief, your postulations and thoughts in the essay. It comes at the middle of the ending part.

Stating the Essay Topic and your Attempt at Writing the Essay: This might be the first part of the end part of your essay. You state the essay topic and then how you did justice to the topic before you go on to present a brief summary of the essay.

Short Ending: At the end of your essay, you don’t have to go on and on writing words. You have to stick to a short end of an essay. In fact, the ending should be an average of 500 words. Except your examiner specifies the number of words to write, you should write around 200 – 800 words for your conclusion.

Active Voice: This part of your essay should be written in active voice. This means it should in a way spur the readers to understand your points better and look forward to discovering more on their own. This is why some scholars consider the end part of an essay to be very important.

Making Recommendations: In this part, you should also make recommendations. This is pertinent as it would serve as part of the solution offered to the research problem of the essay. You have to make sure you include this recommendation; however, it should be very short. The recommendation in the ending part of an essay shouldn’t be more than three sentences.


How to end an essay shouldn’t be much of a problem if you know the right things to do or the procedures to follow. It should be catchy, enticing, short; you have to include a summary of your thoughts in the essay, and you have to make recommendations. If you do this part well, it will add great marks to your grading.

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